gregory morphew

Seattle Law Firm Goldberg Jones Hires Attorney Gregory Morphew

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Goldberg Jones would like to welcome the latest addition to our Seattle team: Gregory Morphew. A dedicated, experienced attorney, Gregg stands committed to fighting for the rights of his clients. A strong advocate, he’s a valuable resource for husbands and fathers in the Seattle area. His addition also brings a great deal to the Goldberg Jones team in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to becoming an attorney, Gregg worked in law enforcement and the security industry …

father's day

For Father’s Day: 10 Great Movie Dads

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Father’s Day is upon us once again, the holiday where we celebrate dads and everything they do for us. There are countless ways to mark the occasion. It’s almost officially summer, the weather’s getting better day-to-day, and barbecues and baseball games are classic ways to spend a sunny afternoon. But one of our most cherished Father’s Day traditions is watching movies with the old man. (Or with the kids if you’re the old man.) With …

common-law marriage

Does Washington Have Common-Law Marriage?

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While relationships are complicated, marriage is generally a black and white prospect: you either are or you aren’t. You’re not likely to forget a wedding, however big or small, right? The term common-law marriage gets thrown around when it comes to long-term relationships. We hear about it in celebrity couples all of the time; couples who have been together for years but never actually married. One question that comes up is: does Washington have common-law …

best time to divorce

When Is The Best Time To Divorce?

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Ending a marriage doesn’t happen overnight. The relationship itself didn’t likely just stop one day, it probably deteriorated over a long period. In a similar vein, you can’t snap your fingers and divorce in an instant. Divorce is a process. If often takes months, or longer, and the question of when to file pops up. Before starting this journey, it’s important to consider the best time to divorce. As with most questions that surround this …

discovery divorce

How Discovery Works In Divorce Cases

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During the divorce process, there’s a constant back-and-forth flow. Depending on your situation, it may be like pulling teeth to get what you need, but there’s a lot of evidence and information that changes hands. This part of the process is called discovery. It’s a key piece of all legal cases, including divorce. Even though courtroom dramas on TV and in movies are fond of “gotcha” moments where one attorney calls a surprise witness or …

stop your child from playing sports

Can Your Ex Stop Your Child From Playing Sports?

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Kids these days are more active than ever before. Between school and various extracurricular activities, it’s amazing how busy and cluttered children’s schedules become. These are vital outlets for exercise, socialization, and plain old fun. Sports frequently form a large piece of this puzzle. Often these pursuits are so important they wind up as part of the parenting plan after divorce. But what can you do if your ex tries to interfere and stop your …


5 Co-Parenting Strategies For Divorced Parents

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The papers are signed, the assets divided, and the logistics all worked out. Everything’s done and over and you never have to see your now-ex ever again, right? In some cases, the answer is a resounding yes. If you have children, however, it’s not always so easy. Welcome to the brave new world of co-parenting. Co-parenting is when a couple breaks up, divorces, or otherwise separates, but continues to work together to raise a child …

robert bennett lawyer

Seattle Divorce Attorney Robert Bennett Joins Goldberg Jones

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Goldberg Jones is pleased and excited to welcome the newest addition to our Seattle team: Robert Bennett. A committed, analytical attorney, Robert is dedicated to producing results for his clients in divorce and custody cases. He uses a tactical eye to find the best angle to approach each case. Prior to shifting his focus to family law, Robert worked in international commercial arbitration, a trade that took him overseas. Living abroad for 18 years, and …

custody exchanges

6 Tips To Keep Custody Exchanges Civil

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Custody exchanges following divorce are often tough. No matter how bitter and hostile the process of ending your marriage was, if you have kids, you’re generally going to see your ex for at least a few minutes when picking up or dropping off. Depending on how the parenting plan shakes out, you may potentially encounter your ex a few times a week. In the best of times, these custody exchanges are awkward. In less-than-optimal circumstances, …

biggest divorce obstacle

What’s The Biggest Divorce Obstacle?

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During a divorce, you have many hurdles to overcome. But perhaps the biggest divorce obstacle is when your spouse doesn’t actually want to end the marriage. That’s a tough one, for sure. However, there are options if you want a divorce, but your spouse doesn’t. This sounds like the stuff of melodramatic late night cable movies. One spouse wants out, but the other won’t let that happen. Thus the hero remains stuck in a loveless, …