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How Education Impacts Divorce

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Education forms a big part or most people’s lives in the United States. We go through a decade-plus of compulsory schooling, then a substantial majority opt for college. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2016, 69.7% of high school graduates enrolled in colleges or universities. And at least one person believes …

Crowdfund Your Divorce

Wait, You Can Crowdfund Your Divorce?

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Wait, you can get strangers to pay for your divorce? In the modern world, you can get strangers to pay for just about anything. So yes, that also means you can crowdfund your divorce. People typically think of divorce as an expensive endeavor. You have to pay for lawyers, court costs, filing fees, and more. …

celebrate divorce

6 Best Ways To Celebrate Divorce

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Not every divorce turns into a knock-down-drag-out brawl between spouses. Still, even in the best cases, they’re often tense, stressful, emotional times. Afterward, you may need to blow off some steam or just take a deep breath and relax. People love an excuse to party, whether it’s a promotion at work or the Seahawks making …

10 Great Movie Dads

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Father’s Day is upon us once again, the holiday where we celebrate dads and everything they do for us. There are countless ways to mark the occasion. It’s almost officially summer, the weather’s getting better day-to-day, and barbecues and baseball games are classic ways to spend a sunny afternoon. But one of our most cherished …

common law

Common-Law Marriage?

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While relationships are complicated, marriage is generally a black and white prospect: you either are or you aren’t. You’re not likely to forget a wedding, however big or small, right? The term common-law marriage gets thrown around when it comes to long-term relationships. We hear about it in celebrity couples all of the time; couples …

how do you know when it's time to divorce

Best Time To Divorce?

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Ending a marriage doesn’t happen overnight. The relationship itself didn’t likely just stop one day, it probably deteriorated over a long period. In a similar vein, you can’t snap your fingers and divorce in an instant. Divorce is a process. If often takes months, or longer, and the question of when to file pops up. …

evidence discovery

How Discovery Works In Divorce Cases

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During the divorce process, there’s a constant back-and-forth flow. Depending on your situation, it may be like pulling teeth to get what you need, but there’s a lot of evidence and information that changes hands. This part of the process is called discovery. It’s a key piece of all legal cases, including divorce. Even though …

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Can Ex Stop Your Child From Playing Sports?

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Kids these days are more active than ever before. Between school and various extracurricular activities, it’s amazing how busy and cluttered children’s schedules become. These are vital outlets for exercise, socialization, and plain old fun. Sports frequently form a large piece of this puzzle. Often these pursuits are so important they wind up as part …

6 Tips To Keep Custody Exchanges Civil

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Custody exchanges following divorce are often tough. No matter how bitter and hostile the process of ending your marriage was, if you have kids, you’re generally going to see your ex for at least a few minutes when picking up or dropping off. Depending on how the parenting plan shakes out, you may potentially encounter …

biggest divorce obstacle

What’s The Biggest Divorce Obstacle?

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During a divorce, you have many hurdles to overcome. But perhaps the biggest divorce obstacle is when your spouse doesn’t actually want to end the marriage. That’s a tough one, for sure. However, there are options if you want a divorce, but your spouse doesn’t. This sounds like the stuff of melodramatic late night cable …

Right Of First Refusal

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When it comes to child custody cases, the right of first refusal is a provision that impacts the time noncustodial parents spend with their children. It allows a parent to capitalize on opportunities to look after the kids. In some cases, it helps one parent increase their the one-on-one time they have with their children. …

separated spouses

Separation Differs From Divorce

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Choosing to end a marriage is a life changing decision. That one act impacts almost every single part of your life. Divorce is the most common way to end a marital relationship, but it’s not the only one. And it isn’t always the right fit for every situation. In certain circumstances, legal separation is an …

inheritance divorce

Divorce And Inheritance

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The division of property is a major part of the process in many divorces. Splitting up assets has a huge influence on your financial state moving forward, so it makes sense to spend time and energy here. When preparing to dissolve a marriage, people often wonder how divorce impacts inheritance. Community Property And Inheritance Washington …

10 Ways To Prepare Before Divorce

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There’s a reason it’s called “the divorce process.” Odds are, you’re anxious to get the ball rolling. But remember, it’s a long, complicated endeavor, one with a ton of moving parts. This has a massive impact on your future, influencing everything from finances to your living situation to how much you see your kids. Not only …

custody battles

How To Fight Back When Your Ex Denies Visitation

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Child custody battles are often an unfortunate part of divorce. Parents jockey back and forth about parenting time and who sees the kids how much. And that’s one of biggest changes that comes with ending a marriage. You may go from seeing your kids every day to once every few weeks depending on the parenting …

8 Ways To Rebuild Finances After Divorce

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Ending a marriage has a massive impact on almost every aspect of your life. In one fell swoop, marital status, living situation, the time you spend with your kids, and more changes drastically. One area where it often has a devastating effect is when it comes to money. The question of how to rebuild finances …

8 Ways People Damage Their Own Divorce Cases

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Even in the best of circumstances, divorce tends to be a complicated affair. In simple, straightforward cases, the process can go smoothly. But the more that’s involved, and the more emotions flare up, the trickier things become. It’s important to be rational and detail oriented along the way. But people make mistakes, and too many …

Protect Your Business In Divorce: What You Need To Know

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The process of ending a marriage is a complicated one. Untangling your life from your spouse’s is delicate and complex, and splitting up shared property often becomes contentious. Things only get messier when there’s a business involved. Not only do you risk losing your car or missing out on that really great couch you love …

Divorce And Retirement: 6 Costly Common Mistakes

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Increasingly, we hear talk about so-called gray divorce. This term refers to couples who divorce later in life, often after lengthy marriages. Ending a marriage has drastic financial implications no matter the age of the spouses. But couples approaching retirement face a number of unique potential pitfalls and challenges. Here are some costly common mistakes …

Am I On The Hook For My Ex’s Debt In Divorce?

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Getting married means you share your world with another person. You and your spouse build a life, create a home, and intertwine nearly every aspect of your daily existence. This includes houses, cars, and any other assets you acquire. And unfortunately, any corresponding debt. In divorce, the court divides shared property, but the question is: …

Caught Cheating: Impact Of Adultery On Divorce

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Marriage is a complex relationship full of give and take and countless nuances. Many factors go into creating such a union. Conversely, many factors go into breaking one apart. The underlying causes for divorce are rarely simple, but when adultery plays a role, it’s huge. Infidelity represents a massive betrayal of trust. As a result, …

protection orders

Protection Orders: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe

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It’s not uncommon for divorces to become hot, conflict-riddled affairs. Emotions run high, feelings have often been hurt, and there tends to be a great deal of animosity and ill will all around. All too often, threats and domestic violence rear their ugly heads and participants must take steps to keep safe. In Washington, protection …

What To Know About Abuse Allegations In Divorce

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Divorce often devolves into heated, contentious screaming between bitter, angry spouses, and mudslinging happens frequently. Husbands and wives lob all sorts of accusations at one another, both those founded in reality and those completely fabricated. Adultery, neglect, even theft often get tossed around. The most heinous are abuse allegations, and they have a huge impact …

Are Divorce Records Public?

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Once question that comes up frequently is: are divorce records available to the public? The short answer is yes, yes they are. And the question that often follows is: how do you go about finding divorce records? Like many varieties of documents, divorce records like divorce decrees and divorce certificates are public records. What this …

Does It Matter If I File For Divorce First?

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When it comes to divorce, it seems like everyone has advice. People come out of the woodwork to offer up their two cents, whether you ask for it or not. One piece of guidance frequently shared is that you should file for divorce first. But the question remains: is this sound counsel or does it …

What’s The Average Cost Of Divorce In Washington?

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Weddings tend to be hugely expensive affairs. That probably comes as no surprise, after all, there’s an entire subgenre of romantic comedies that revolves around this particular piece of common knowledge. According to a 2014 report, the average American wedding costs north of $30,000. All the moving parts add up quickly. On the other end …

Should I Sign A Joinder?

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Most people think of divorce as an antagonistic process. TV and movies have pounded the image of a husband and wife bickering back and forth, arguing about every last detail, into our collective mind. It’s true, divorce can be mean, nasty, and riddled with conflict. But that isn’t always the case. It’s possible for a …

How Social Media Impacts Marriage And Divorce

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Social media has become a regular, everyday part of life. We give updates about our families on Facebook, provide running Twitter commentary on the kids’ sporting events, and share photos of romantic getaways on Instagram. Because social media has such an impact, it makes sense that it plays a role in our marriages. And often …

child custody

Can My Ex Relocate With The Kids After Divorce?

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In most situations, divorce represents a titanic life change, one with lasting repercussions. A traumatic experience, after ending a marriage, many people want to get as far away as possible. If it’s just you, that’s simple enough. But when there are kids involved, it complicates matters. An issue that often arises is what to do …

Divorce Or Bankruptcy: What To File First

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/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Divorce-Bankruptcy-What-File-First.jpg Debt is an unfortunate part of many of our lives. And in our marriages. Loans, credit card charges, medical bills, and more add up quickly, and before long, we’re struggling to stay afloat. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy is the best available option. But how does it impact divorce? The short answer is …

Is Arbitration The Right Choice?

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Going to court during divorce is stressful, hectic, expensive, and a variety of other things. There are other options for ending a marriage out there, however. One many couples opt for is arbitration. It can be complicated and may not fit every situation, but it may be right for your case. What Is Arbitration? In …

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How Child Support May Change Soon

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In the wake of divorce, child support is one of the biggest expenses many men face. These ongoing payments made by one parent provide for the continued financial benefit of children following the end of a marriage or other relationship. Some argue, however, that child support orders can be excessive and more about the parents …

things to now before filing

11 Divorce Strategies To Know Before Filing

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The divorce process can be daunting. It can be a long, complicated affair. With a massive impact on your life moving forward, being prepared is in your best interest. Having strategies in place to deal with divorce and all the things that accompany it will be important to ensuring you make it through in one …

Pop Quiz: Should I Hire A Divorce Attorney?

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With the proliferation of online tools and guides, handling a divorce yourself is now easier than ever. Though this route is more accessible, it’s not always the best choice. Sure, it can save you money, and in the case of simple divorces, it can be an ideal fit. But there may come a time when …

man dressing for court

Why How You Dress For Court Is Important

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When you think about a courtroom, you likely picture a fairly formal setting. Men generally wear suits and ties. Women usually wear modest, conservative outfits. A great deal of thought and effort goes into selecting this attire because how you dress for court is very important. Judges, juries, opposing counsel, opposing parties, and everyone else …

Pro Se Divorce: Should I Represent Myself?

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Pro se is a Latin term that means “for oneself.” In a legal sense, this is when a person chooses to represent him or herself in court instead of hiring an attorney. This is your right and your choice to make. A litigant can take this path in any type of legal case, but it’s …

Divorce Decree: What You Need To Know

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Divorce can be a long, arduous process. You and your now ex may have spent months going back and forth, painstakingly untangling your shared lives, dealing with legal and logistical hurdles, and preparing to move forward. At the end of it all, once everything is said and done, you walk away with your final divorce …

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When To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

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Even if we love and care about another person, relationships don’t always work out and can end for a variety of reasons. In the midst of a crumbling relationship, it can be hard to recognize problems for what they are. Ending a marriage becomes even trickier, and the question of when, and even if to …

Can Non-Biological Parents Win Child Custody?

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When you think of a family, your mind probably conjures up images of a mother, a father, a couple of kids, and that sort of thing. But families come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. With a divorce rate estimated to be between 40% and 50%, and a rising remarriage rate (one recent study indicates …

child custody info for dads

Can Fathers Win Child Custody In Washington?

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Whether it’s right or wrong, there is a public perception when it comes to divorce and child custody, that wives, mothers, and women always have the upper hand. Proponents of this stance throw around all manner of statistics and expert opinions on the topic. On a practical level, many men feel that they are at …

Kaley Cuoco’s Divorce & Prenuptial Agreements

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On the surface, prenuptial agreements are fairly straightforward. You and your future spouse figure out who gets what in the case of divorce. Done. Kaley Cuoco, star of the popular CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, recently finalized her split from husband Ryan Sweeting, a former professional tennis player, and their prenuptial agreement played a …

divorce assets

High Asset Divorce: 6 Mistakes That Can Cost You Dearly

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No matter the specifics, divorce can be costly, both financially and emotionally. When it comes to the settlement, there is a great deal on the line. Your long-term financial well-being and economic interests may very well hang in the balance. With a large, complicated marital estate, these stakes only increase. This can impact areas like …

How To File For Divorce in WA

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When most of you think of divorce, you probably imagine dramatic courtroom scenes from movies, bitter spouses fighting over kids and cars and every last detail, and a long, drawn-out process. While reality can certainly resemble this on occasion, at a base level, filing for divorce in Washington isn’t as complex or intricate as you …

rob mar spotlight

Attorney Spotlight: Rob Mar

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A dedicated attorney, husband, and father, Goldberg Jones and our clients have been fortunate to have the services of Rob Mar since he joined the firm all the way back in 2004. This makes Rob one of the longest tenured members of the Seattle team, and he has helped countless clients over the decade-plus he’s …

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How Major Purchases Can Hijack Your Divorce

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Divorce can be intricate and tricky, especially in regards to the division of property. Different states handle this part of the process in different manners. When it comes to breaking up assets, Washington, for example, is a community property state, where resources, or debts, are split equitably between both parties. As this is the situation, …

No-Fault Divorce: What It Means For Your Case

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Marriages end for a variety of reasons. There can be infidelity, abuse, mistrust, financial issues, and much more. The list of causes of divorce is practically endless. That doesn’t mean, however, that there is always someone at fault. Sometimes two people grow apart and evolve in different, incompatible directions. Or maybe a marriage just doesn’t …

best divorce lawyers

8 Qualities The Best Divorce Attorneys Share

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By the time you get to the point of filing for divorce, you have likely already been through quite an ordeal. Ending a marriage is a huge step, one that comes with all kinds of emotion, pain, and stress, even in relatively straightforward cases. One of the most important decisions you may make along the …

Guardian Ad Litem: What You Need To Know

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As you already know, divorce is a tricky business. Emotions run high, tempers can flare, and the situation is further heightened when minor children are thrown into the mix. In custody cases, whether the parents are married or not, and where both sides have, perhaps, lost sight of the well-being of the kids caught in …

Pet Custody in Washington State

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In the hearts and minds of pet owners, their furry companions are very much family. This status of full fledged family member can be a major point of contention for divorcing couples. Who gets custody of the dog(s)? If the separating couple wants to share custody, who gets what time and when? Divorces that are …

Attorney Spotlight – David Kalisek

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This week, we at Goldberg Jones turn the bright light of the Attorney Spotlight of Excellence on David Kalisek of our Seattle office. David actually began life in Nebraska, a state notable for giving the world such personalities as Malcolm X, Dick Cheney, President Gerald Ford, Warren Buffett and Larry the Cable Guy. Johnny Carson …

Can She Move Away With the Kids?

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Ahhhhh, custody issues. Could anything be more aggravating? It’s been our experience that the majority of people seeking divorce are initially focussing on their unhappiness with their relationship and not drilling down into the more granular aspects of the journey they’re about to embark on. Luckily, that’s why we write these posts. Life is easier …

Same Sex Marriage

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Same sex marriage and legalized marijuana use have been a hot topic in the news lately. There has been a lot of celebration surrounding the legal changes that have been approved by voters and/or handed down by the Supreme Court, but what may have been forgotten during the celebration is that just because one law …

Meretricious Relationships

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When you find yourself confronted with the need to interact with the legal system, you suddenly realize that there are many fancy sounding legal terms that you need to be familiar with in order to resolve your legal issue. This is why it is always highly recommended that you retain a skilled attorney to be …

should you hire an attorney?

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer?

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How do you know when it is time to talk to an attorney? In some situations the answer is straightforward—you have been arrested, or have a pending legal issue. In other scenarios it may be less black and white. What if you are considering divorce? Or there has been a significant change in circumstances that …

Divorce Cost

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There are two different schools of thought among couples who are planning how to best utilize their wedding budgets. Some want the huge, lavish, expensive extravaganza while others opt for the inexpensive “let’s just get married already” and get it done approach. When factoring the total cost of a venue, decor, music, food, and wedding …

When to File for Divorce

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Coming to terms with the end of a marriage can be challenging, and it can be difficult to know when to file for divorce. The emotional and logistical considerations of dividing two households can raise a plethora of questions like, “What about the kids? The house? Who is going to make the first move? What …

Goldberg Jones Named to 100 Best Companies to Work For List

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Goldberg Jones is excited to announce Seattle Business Magazine has recognized us as one of Seattle’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Seattle Business Magazine highlights businesses which exhibit leadership and entrepreneurial spirit both within their industry and the region. Goldberg Jones was included due to the company’s excellence in leadership, training and education, company …

What is Divorce Mediation?

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What is divorce mediation? With the countless issues that arise in divorce/legal separation the divorcees are left to find the most suitable conflict resolution. Cases that involve division of assets or children would normally be forced to go into mediation if the parties cannot come to an agreement. Mediation is the process of negotiating with the …

How Do I Get Divorced If I Don’t Know Where My Spouse Is?

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How do I divorce my spouse if they are MIA? Collaborative divorce, mediation, do-it-yourself divorce, and high conflict divorce can all be complicated and stressful. But what if you want a divorce and you have no idea where your spouse is living? Is a divorce possible if you can’t find your wife? Fortunately there are options …