Crowdfund Your Divorce

Wait, You Can Crowdfund Your Divorce?

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Wait, you can get strangers to pay for your divorce? In the modern world, you can get strangers to pay for just about anything. So yes, that also means you can crowdfund your divorce. People typically think of divorce as an expensive endeavor. You have to pay for lawyers, court costs, filing fees, and more. …

celebrate divorce

6 Best Ways To Celebrate Divorce

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Not every divorce turns into a knock-down-drag-out brawl between spouses. Still, even in the best cases, they’re often tense, stressful, emotional times. Afterward, you may need to blow off some steam or just take a deep breath and relax. People love an excuse to party, whether it’s a promotion at work or the Seahawks making …

gregory morphew

Seattle Law Firm Goldberg Jones Hires Attorney Gregory Morphew

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Goldberg Jones would like to welcome the latest addition to our Seattle team: Gregory Morphew. A dedicated, experienced attorney, Gregg stands committed to fighting for the rights of his clients. A strong advocate, he’s a valuable resource for husbands and fathers in the Seattle area. His addition also brings a great deal to the Goldberg …