how do I get my ex to cooperate

My Ex Refuses To Cooperate

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“My ex filed for divorce in January. I have requested mediation I don’t know how many times, and she won’t answer, won’t step up to the table, won’t do anything. And this is still dragging on. Is there any way to get her to finalize this, or go to mediation, or just speed things up?”

what is an annulment

Can You Annul A Marriage In Washington?

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So you got drunk in Vegas and woke up married, what do you do? Is annulment an option? If so, how do you proceed with the process?
Annulments can be confusing and the act of needing one can be stressful. You might have questions you need answered and the starting point can be unclear.

To start, while the word annulment is commonly used, the legal term in Washington is declaration of invalidity. As the name implies, this petition declares a marriage or domestic partnership invalid.