parental relocation

Parental Relocation

One of the realities of modern society is that parents often desire to relocate.

This is a particularly delicate issue when faced by divorced couples who have a Custody Order or Parenting Plan regarding their children.

Commonly, the distance that one parent desires to move would make the existing Order unreasonable to follow. Washington dictates what procedures must be followed when a parent is attempting to move, or conversely, attempting to block the move of the other parent.

The parent who does not have the majority of residential time often seeks our services to try to stop the intended relocation of the other parent, or to assist in negotiating or litigating a new reasonable Parenting Plan.
However, a parent who has the majority of residential time with their children may need our assistance in following the correct procedure to allow the move to happen.

Goldberg Jones recognizes the impact that relocation can have on the most important thing… time with your children. We are equipped to look after your concerns and try to maximize the situation within the constraints of Washington’s laws regarding relocation.

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Courts make determinations regarding spousal support after considering many factors such as the length of the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage, as well as the age, health, earning capacity and job histories of both individuals.

In many of our cases, we must negotiate or litigate to achieve a minimization or termination of this sometimes oppressive obligation in our client’s best interest.

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