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What is child support?
How does child support work in Washington State?
Calculate your own support responsibility.
How we can help you.
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What Is Child Support?

In the wake of divorce and custody cases, child support payments are one of the biggest continuing expenses parents face. Part of your duty as a parent is to provide for your children.
As the name suggests, they cover:
the cost of food,
and other necessities.

How Does Child Support Work In Washington State?

Many other areas of family law are open to interpretation and leave room for human input.

Washington State child support doesn’t operate that way.

In Washington, child support initially follows a strict, uniform formula. It accounts for an array of factors, but the equation remains the same. However, there can be deviations from the calculated amount based on other factors such as the number of overnights with the child(ren) and whether you have other children living with you or paying support for.

How To Calculate Child Support

To get started:

  • Collect specific information about your income, finances, and taxes.
  • You need your most recent tax returns, paycheck stubs, and tax forms, like W-2s or 1099s.
  • any paperwork that documents disability or unemployment benefits,
  • child health care costs,
  • mandatory fees like union dues or retirement contributions,
  • job-related expenses.
  • If you have child support payments for other children, spousal support payments, or similar costs, collect those.

Washington’s Support Schedule appears to be a rigid, standardized formula. Like a math equation, you plug numbers in and it shows a presumptive amount. However, just like having a CPA look at your taxes, there may be things an attorney sees that will benefit you in getting a deviation from the presumptive amount.

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How We Can Help You

Knowledgeable Information

At Goldberg Jones, family law is our sole focus. Our Seattle-based attorneys offer real child support answers over the phone.

In-Depth Assessment

No two cases play out the same way. Ken Alan, our managing attorney, assesses your situation and explores your options.

Aggressive Representation

Our custody attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights; we take assertive action to support you and your children.

Resources to Get You Started:

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