There is a common perception that a mother has the upper hand in child custody cases. However, the laws don’t favor one parent over the other.

It is paramount to present a father’s best case and lead the court to apply the law without regard to gender.

Goldberg Jones remains dedicated to overcoming the common perception.

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What are a Father’s Rights?

Barring extreme circumstances, fathers have the right to be a part of their children’s lives in a meaningful way and on a regular basis. In short, both parents have the same right and opportunity to request custody.

In Washington, it’s your right as a father to pursue custody. If you do become the primary residential parent, it’s also your right to petition the court for child support. These regular payments help cover the costs of food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities for your child.

Even if you’re not the primary residential parent, you still have the right to see your children and be a steady presence in their lives. Regular, reasonable visitation is a father’s right according to the law. It’s also your right for this time to be free from interference by the other parent.

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Protecting Your Rights

Washington State has placed an increased weight on keeping both parents involved in a child’s life after divorce or separation.

This is great news for fathers.

It’s your right and obligation to participate in raising and supporting your child. But too often you have to fight to make this happen. That’s where our experienced attorneys come in.

If you want custody of your children, it’s your right as a father to pursue that goal. But it takes time, energy, and effort. There’s a great deal of work involved. You have to draft and file legal documents, support your claims, and present your case. Our attorneys have been through this many times and can help with every step of the process.


When determining the parenting plan, the court’s place the child’s well-being above most other concerns. Their best interests take precedence over things like preference.

To establish this, judges look at many factors. These include your parenting ability, the child’s relationship with each parent, stability, income, physical and emotional health and safety, and more.

In custody cases, your job is to show that you’re the best parent and that the child will be safest and healthiest with you. Staying a part of your child’s life after divorce or separation has a huge, continuing influence on their life.

It’s not always easy to achieve, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

Father's Rights

When couples can’t come to terms on these or other important issues, they often must go through arbitration or mediation. If such methods of alternative dispute resolution don’t work, you may ultimately find yourself in trial.

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How to

Stay Active


Don’t fall into the trap of being passive when it comes to enforcing your paternal rights.

It takes time, effort and energy.

If you want custody or significant visitation, you have to fight for it. Take an active approach to your case. Child custody cases often become complex and contentious. In most situations, hiring an attorney serves your best interests.

At Goldberg Jones in Seattle, our professional child custody lawyers provide practical advice and offer insight into the process. Let our experienced team steer you towards victory and help protect your rights as a father.

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