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Goldberg Jones is a local office of Seattle divorce lawyers serving King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. We focus our representation on husbands and fathers in divorce, child custody, child support, and most other family law matters.

We’ve grown from a three-person startup to a multi-state firm with well more than 25 attorneys devoted solely to the practice of family law, specifically, the representation of husbands and fathers.

These are the family law attorneys practicing in our Seattle, WA office location.


managing divorce attorney“Ken is without a doubt the point guard of the Seattle office. In his role as Managing Attorney, he exemplifies the Goldberg Jones Way, in his commitment to client education, customer service, creative problem solving, and team player mentality,” lauds Managing Partner Rick Jones.



divorce attorneyHelping his clients navigate the legal process is what drew Patrick to this line of work.
He says, “Without competent counsel, men are often persuaded, rushed, or coerced into accepting offers that place them in places of a greater disadvantage than even what the law instructs.”

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divorce attorneyMeticulous, dedicated, and sharp, Nathan diligently pursues every case with integrity and intensity to produce the most favorable outcome possible. While never afraid of a fight, he understands that using the right tool for the job is the best way to achieve his clients’ goals.

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divorce attorneyA former member of the United States Army, and decorated veteran of the Gulf War, Robert was born and raised in Washington. He attended Washington State University as an undergrad and received his Juris Doctor from Seattle University. He subsequently earned his Master of Laws from Stockholm University in Sweden.

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divorce lawyerWith a background in family, immigration, and criminal law, Dylana has the skills and experience to tackle a case wherever it takes her. An excellent communicator with strong writing, organizational, and research skills, she keeps the best interests of her clients at the forefront of her strategy at all times.

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divorce attorney seattleBefore migrating to family law, Laura worked as a prosecutor and other areas. Her experience and background give her a unique, well-rounded sense of the law. With the legal experience, advocacy skills, and passion that clients seek, she strives to achieve positive outcomes for those she represents.

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seattle divorce lawyer“I was drawn to the practice of family law because the arguments and legal issues are based on fairness and equity”, admits Rob. Strong negotiation skills and being able to give practical and sound legal advice are among Rob’s strengths as an attorney. Coming from strong family values, “I understand the importance of continued contact with your children.”

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seattle divorce attorneyPrior to becoming an attorney, Gregg worked in law enforcement and the security industry for more than 25 years. This provided him a unique perspective on legal matters, as well as the opportunity to develop excellent interpersonal communication skills and experience crafting important documents.

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family law attorneyWith more than two decades of practice under her belt, Lori is a seasoned litigator. In addition to family law, she has worked in criminal defense, tribal law, dependency actions, employment law, and more. She’s equally comfortable no matter where the situation takes her and she’s not afraid to tackle difficult cases others shy away from.

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seattle divorce attorneyFamily law called Humberto for many reasons. He believes the often-contentious nature of divorce and custody cases requires emotional investment and a rational approach, both of which he has. Not only a guide for his clients, but he also offers support in a difficult time.

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divorce attorneyWith more than 17 years of experience, Tonya is an important asset to the husbands and fathers of the Puget Sound region.
Drawn to family law with the desire to help people through a difficult time in their lives, Tonya works diligently to get results. Relentless and thorough, she has shown time and again her dedication to finding justice and closure for those she represents. She fights hard for her clients while also being mindful of costs and achieving positive results.

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divorce lawyerA former teacher, Erik strives to find creative solutions to the problems his clients face. He works with those he represents to reduce litigation, if possible, and uses all available legal tools to resolve the issues at hand and achieve an optimal result. He says, “It often becomes impossible for divorcing couples to amicably resolve their disagreements over property, custody, and support. In these situations, an effective family law attorney can make all the difference.”

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founding partnerRick is a founder and Managing Partner of Goldberg Jones. He continues to provide a level of “hands-on” support that is invaluable to each office. His personal integrity and professional ethic largely influence who we hire and how we practice law.



founding partnerThe original vision of Goldberg Jones belongs to Bill. His prior business experience and creative perspectives have been invaluable in avoiding the growing pains common to a successful firm. His pursuit of community involvement, on both a personal and professional level, is a constant reminder of the value of our earned quality reputation and the responsibility we have to uphold it.


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