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Divorce never really ends. It doesn’t just go on for a few months. Nearly every part of your life changes at once and the consequences last a lifetime. The decisions you make impact your life, and the lives of your loved ones, for years to come.

Aspects of Divorce We Handle

We represent clients in many types of family law cases. Whatever your needs, we have attorneys to make sure everything is handled properly and professionally.

Our practice areas include all facets of divorce, including:

When it comes to ending a marriage, many men don’t know where to start. We understand the unique challenges husbands and fathers face in divorce and child custody disputes.

With years of practical experience, our team focuses on sound guidance and representation and are a resource to help men understand their rights and options.

The Divorce Process

On a mechanical level, the divorce process appears relatively simple.

    • You fill out and file the paperwork,
    • serve your spouse,
    • disclose all assets and debts,
    • work out an agreement,
    • and sign the final documents.

In uncontested divorce and straightforward cases, it can proceed that smoothly.

Most divorces don’t go like that, however. The more factors in play, the more difficult things become.

Children, substantial assets or liabilities, and lengthy marriages all complicate divorce. You may find yourself in a fight for an equitable parenting plan or the rights to a shared home. Spouses often argue about minor, inconsequential things, so it’s important to know what’s worth fighting for and what to let go.

When couples can’t come to terms on key issues, they often must go through mediation or arbitration. If no agreement is reached, you may ultimately find yourself in court. In these potentially tricky situations, our knowledgeable divorce attorneys offer guidance and representation.

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Divorce For Men

Men often rush to settle and hurry through the process.

But mistakes can be expensive and it’s vital to do things right the first time. An intense, difficult period, divorce involves so much more than ending your marriage.

You have child custody, child support, spousal support, the division of property, and many other factors to consider. Most men can benefit from the steady hand and professional guidance of an attorney experienced in Washington divorce law.

How We Help With Divorce

In-Depth Assessment

Our managing attorney, Ken Alan, looks forward to talking with all prospective clients. He will discuss your situation and answer your questions at no charge on an initial phone call.

Then, during an in-person consultation our managing attorney, reviews your case, lays out your options, and determines which of our skilled divorce lawyers would be the best fit to represent you and your particular interests.

Aggressive Representation

Our (appropriately) assertive, empathetic, and experienced divorce attorneys guide you through the process and guard your rights as a husband and father.

Advice From Our Managing Attorney Ken Alan

The biggest critical part of the consultation I think is getting an education. Obviously, for a client or potential client, they may not know what’s going to happen.  You’re asking, ‘what can I expect’ or ‘how is this going to play out for me?’

And so it’s so important to get an education and understanding of the law because you’re going to end up making some pretty critical decisions that have long-reaching effects. Therefore my biggest thing is to educate.

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