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Nathan Gibbs

Divorce & Family Law Attorney

BA Studio Art & Sociology, Humboldt State University
JD, Seattle University School of Law

A fierce litigator, Nathan Gibbs is dedicated to producing results for his clients using a combination of detailed preparation and quick thinking. Nathan’s passion for the law stems from his desire to protect the relationships between fathers and their children with relentless advocacy.

Meticulous, dedicated, and sharp, Nathan diligently pursues every case with integrity and intensity to produce the most favorable outcome possible. While never afraid of a fight, he understands that using the right tool for the job is the best way to achieve his clients’ goals.

Managing attorney Ken Alan said, “Nathan Gibbs' experience as a prosecutor has made him a sharp negotiator that is comfortable in the courtroom. Nathan understands that family law is about helping people through a difficult time. It is obvious that he really cares about his clients.

Using a flexible and adaptive approach to his legal practice, Nathan carefully assesses every case to develop an effective strategy. Committed to doing what is necessary to protect his clients’ rights and assets, Nathan is adept at negotiation and litigation.

When he isn’t in the office or the courtroom, Nathan enjoys spending time with his family, sharpening his grill-master skills, and honing his drawing and painting talents.

I worked with Nathan Gibbs very solid excellent judgment poise and skills also knows how to lower the boom when dealing with the sleazy actions of others I have nothing but high regard for him and the firm yet hope to never see them again.

If you are looking for the best attorney you can get, Goldberg Jones is is the first place you need to call, they will actually let you talk with an attorney without your credit card number and give you give you a place to start.

Today I got custody of my 9 year old daughter who's mother has put her through hell. My attorney Nathan Gibbs helped me every step of the way and fought for my daughter in court. Im a man who got custody of his daughter in Washington state, trust me Goldberg Jones and Nathan Gibbs are worth every penny! Thank you for everything you guys do.


I cannot speak or recommend more highly Nathan Gibbs and the team at Goldberg Jones. As an attorney, I believed that I could save money by handling a highly contested divorce and custody battle that lasted almost three years.

Hiring Nathan and Goldberg Jones was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When this journey began, I was not aware of the emotional toll it would take on me with an ex-wife and her fee-hungry attorney who were determined to deprive me of a relationship with my son.

Words cannot properly convey how grateful and thankful I am to having Nathan and Goldberg Jones in my corner in that fight. I always felt that, to Nathan, my case was more than just another case.

When I first met with Nathan, we talked through our case, and he developed and sold me on a plan that would give me the best shot at winning custody of my son. While COVID stopped many things in this world, Nathan was not one of them.

He continued to work diligently on my case for almost three years, responding to all my emails and phone calls. He was more than just my attorney; he was my counselor and my steady hand of reason, which was so vital to such an emotional process.

It was the days when I wanted to get stuck in the mud and the muck of the divorce, that he was there as that constant reminder of what our plan was and what I was fighting for (Ask him about almost being held in contempt and sent to jail because of my ex-wife’s attorney, it’s a fun story).

When I was at my lowest points, believing that I didn’t stand a chance a with system that puts fathers at a disadvantage, Nathan was there to remind me of why I was there, why I needed to keep fighting to be a father. In the end, his plan paid off. I won primary custody of my son and I was able keep my house. Had I tried to do this on my own, I never would have attained all that I was able.

Nathan’s knowledge of the law, skill, diligence, and professionalism was amazing in all aspects of representing me in my divorce. But it was his planning and strategy that solidified my right to have my son and for him to call me daddy. I owe that to the hard work and dedication of Nathan Gibbs and the team at Goldberg Jones.


In 2014 I had divorce and family law issues that I needed help with. I contacted Goldberg Jones and met with an attorney that assesses your needs and helps you find an appropriate attorney. I was referred to Nathan Gibbs. I liked Nathan from the moment I met him.

He listened, he offered clear advice and council. He didn't sugarcoat anything and painted a pretty clear picture of how things might go, and what to expect.

He was always prepared, always early or on time to the hearings, and always made me feel like I had someone fighting for me. We made it through the initial case as a win, at least as much as a win can be during family law issues.

I was certainly more than satisfied. Since the initial reason for going, I've used Goldberg Jones services several more times, always with Nathan Gibbs as my attorney. He's the best! If I need further services, I'll definitely be back!

Eric J.
Nathan Gibbs has done an exceptional job for me and my family in multiple cases this past year. He is always well-prepared, has a great understanding of the laws, and argues his cases effectively. I have no doubt that he was the best attorney we could've hired, and we are very pleased with the outcome.
Ryan A
Nathan Gibbs was very consistent and clear in his communication. In matters like family issues with ex-spouses, you want someone who is aggressive and confident in the law and their ability to get sh!t done. Nathan did that and drove a winning outcome for us. Thanks!

Going through Goldberg Jones for our child custody modification was the best decision we made, worth every penny! Our attorney Nathan Gibbs was professional, had good communication skills and great follow-through. Without his hard work and dedication, we might not have won our case.

Nathan was proactive every step of the way and made sure that the process was as easy as possible. We HIGHLY recommend Nathan Gibbs and if we need another attorney in the future will be returning to him.


The moment I contacted the Goldberg Jones office and then met with Mr. Nathan Gibbs, I felt I was in capable hands. They listened, quickly analyzed the situation, dispelled my apprehensions, putting my mind at ease in an instant.

Nathan’s game plan proved to be solid, he kept me in the loop every step of the way, stepped up the pressure when needed, and basically defended my best interest. The case came to closure faster than I ever expected. I highly recommend Nathan in particular and Goldberg Jones in general.

Christopher F.

I have several friends who are attorneys and knew I needed someone highly skilled and who could handle my manipulative ex, so I asked for a few referrals. I interviewed several attorneys prior to calling GJ, but was never impressed enough to retain one.

Most attorneys honestly don't have any idea how to negotiate and just want to convince you to settle. When I finally called Goldberg Jones, I spoke to the managing attorney and told him some very specific attributes for what I was looking for in an attorney.

He called me back and matched me with Nathan Gibbs. I am one of "those" clients who has high expectations and can be a handful when stressed. Nathan was everything I was looking for.

I wanted realistic advice on where I should give to get the divorce over quickly. But he willing and able to fight for me or file emergency orders, if needed. He knew when and how to temper me, but armed me with the knowledge I needed to go fight on my own, too. My ex went through several attorneys, while Nathan was steady and available when I needed him and got the job done.

Ready and willing to go to trial, we didn't even get close to that point because of his negotiation skills. Knowing it would be handled put me at ease and likely intimidated the other attorneys. I highly recommend, and will personally recommend to any friends or colleagues who find themselves needing a divorce attorney.

Steph B.

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