The court document that addresses custody matters is called a parenting plan. These orders define everything involving custody and visitation rights. This includes where a child lives, who holds the decision-making power, and how much time you spend together.

Because it lays out how much you see them and how present you are in your children’s lives, parenting plans are hugely important. It’s vital to protect your rights as a father and ensure you continue to have a major role in your child’s upbringing.

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How is Child Custody decided?

Increasingly, the courts recognize the importance of keeping both parents in a child’s life. It’s rare to award one parent total control. That usually only occurs in cases of abuse or neglect, where health and safety are in jeopardy.

In Washington, the parenting plan usually lays out one parent as the “primary residential parent,” while the other gets “residential time.” The parenting plan also establishes the decision-making rights and responsibilities for the child’s upbringing. This includes choices about education, religion, medical care, and more.

When creating the parenting plan, many factors come into play. This includes the child’s relationship with each parent, parenting ability, the child’s connection to siblings, location, physical environment, and more. In the end, the child’s ultimate well-being takes precedence over most other concerns.

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