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Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett handled my case. He had a detailed understanding of family law, and was always available to clearly communicate its implications on my case. My case had an additional complexity in international family law as it involved a case over two different countries. His understanding of the family law both in the US and my home country, as well as the jurisdiction of the courts was extremely helpful. He was always available for any questions and requests. A very positive experience. Thank you.

- Simon T.

Rob Bennett worked very hard on my case, his knowledge, experience and expertise ultimately led to me gaining custody of my son, getting him out of a unhealthy environment and I believe saving his life.. Rob Bennett is one heck of a advocate to have on your side.

- Brian A.

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Sherrie Bennett

The only way Sherrie Bennett and Goldberg Jones could have done more for me is if they went back in time and spoke up when the officiant asked if anyone objected at my wedding. Barring time travel, Sherrie did more for me than I thought possible. I was stuck in an extremely toxic situation with my ex wife that granted her all of the power over our children, and left me with all the responsibility. Needless to say, the ex wife was being less than reasonable. Sherrie navigated through my ex's non-sense all the while keeping the needs of my three kids in the forefront.

I've learned through this process that only about 6% of cases go to trial. Unfortunately due to the - we'll say stubbornness- of my ex wife, no settlement was negotiated, so we went to trial. Trial was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Sherrie walked me through every step and made a stressful experience a cathartic one. Sherrie got me everything I was looking for, it was a total win. I would recommend her to anyone in a similar situation no matter how hopeless it feels. I was stuck between a rock and hard place and Sherrie unstuck me. Sherrie is a strong advocate, and I feel lucky to have found her.

- Simon V.

I started going to Goldberg and Jones about 2 1/2 years ago to get help with custody of my son. Sherrie Bennett was the attorney I was paired with and I could not be happier. Sherrie Bennett has been instrumental in helping me to navigate all of the technical details involved with a case like mine. She has always been quick to respond to any phone message or email message that I leave.

While a big part of the attorney's job is to work the legal side of a given situation Sherrie Bennett has also shown through numerous meetings that she is just as interested in the personal side of a situation. It is always about what is best for my son and what can she be doing to help me provide the care and attention that he needs from me. I can not say enough great things about how Sherrie Bennett and this firm has helped me with my legal troubles.

- Scott C

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Nathan Gibbs

The moment I contacted the Goldberg Jones office and then met with Mr. Nathan Gibbs, I felt I was in capable hands. They listened, quickly analyzed the situation, dispelled my apprehensions, putting my mind at ease in an instant. Nathan's game plan proofed to be solid, he kept me in the loop every step of the way, stepped up the pressure when needed, and basically defended my best interest. The case came to closure faster than I ever expected. I highly recommend Nathan in particular and Goldberg Jones in general.

- Christopher F.

Nathan Gibbs was very consistent and clear in his communication. In matters like family issues with ex-spouses you want someone who is aggressive and confident in the law and their ability to get sh!t done. Nathan did that and drove a winning outcome for us. Thanks!

- Ross M

In 2014 I had divorce and family law issues that I needed help with. I contacted Goldberg Jones, and met with an attorney that assesses your needs and helps you find an appropriate attorney. I was referred to Nathan Gibbs. I liked Nathan from the moment I met him. He listened, he offered clear advice and council. He didn't sugar coat anything, and painted a pretty clear picture of how things might go, and what to expect. He was always prepared, always early or on time to the hearings, and always made me feel like I had someone fighting for me. We made it through the initial case as a win, at least as much as a win can be during family law issues. I was certainly more than satisfied. Since the initial reason for going, I've used Goldberg Jones services several more times, always with Nathan Gibbs as my attorney. He's the best! If I need further services, I'll definitely be back!

- Eric J.

Amazing and positive experience. I went into my initial meeting with Nathan Gibbs truly terrified of all the possible outcomes. He was knowledgeable, calm and listened to my unique situation without rushing me, glancing at the clock or pressing me into commitment. Through my entire process he was quick to respond, even communicating when he could get back to me while he was in court. He had creative resolutions, no doubt from his experiences to problems that stopped me cold. He was fair with the time he billed and even 2 years after working with him has taken the time to help me through bumps in the road without charge. Ask for Nathan if you get the chance to. I do not believe my experience could have been any better with anybody else.

- Zachary O.

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Robert Mar

I called Goldberg Jones, specifically for Robert Mar. I had been recommended him by a friend of mine, colleague of his. I was in the middle of a custody trial involving 2 young kids and unfortunately was not in a position where I could afford to hire an attorney to fully represent me, but I couldn't represent myself without some kind of advice. I hired Robert to review my paperwork and assist me in preparing for trial. He is AMAZING! He was efficient with our time (He's not cheap, however, he is worth every single penny!) and he was very candid with me regarding how I should and shouldn't handle both myself and the case/trial. He gave me realistic expectations for the outcome and walked me through how the process would work. My trial officially ended today and I feel that the information and assistance that I received from Robert was instrumental in my positive outcome. I would recommend him again and again!

- Amy R.

Goldberg Jones and more specifically Rob Mar helped me during a difficult custody battle. As a father in Washington state I expected only a 50-50 but was surprised Rob was able to get me pretty much 100% custody during our court case!!! My two-year-old daughter resides with me full-time and I could not be happier :)!

- Robert R

First, Robert was great to work with. Robert was the ONLY attorney that I spoke with that I felt was on my side in the divorce. Even though Washington state is 50/50 on divorce cases, the process was much more complex and Robert was incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the divorce proceedings.

- Jay H.

We are so pleased and thankful to have found Mr. Robert Mar at Goldberg Jones for our legal matter. Mr. Mar helped us tremendously with our case. He was professional, honest, responded in a timely manner, and the retainer was reasonable. We appreciated his keen mind and ingenuous solution that ultimately led to the dismissal of the case. We won thanks to Mr. Mar!!

- Tiffany P.

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Tonya Meehan

AWESOME LAWYER! If you want to take on the tough, complex or even bizarre battles with you X's or other challenging legal issues, Tonya Meehan is the one to get justice served. She is highly efficient and knowledgeable on the course of action necessary to be successful. She got the job done very effectively and communicates progress to plan all along the way. I Highly recommend Tonya Meehan @ Goldberg / Jones in Seattle on Lake Union.

- Michael

Confident and represents you to the degree you’re comfortable with.
Tonya is highly attentive and works hard to fairly and effectively represent your needs. She offers her expert guidance in a way that is non-threatening and highly inclusive. I would highly recommend her services for anyone seeking personal and caring representation.

- Jennifer

Very Responsive, thorough, and quick. Tonya filed a protection order on my behalf and it was a great experience. Even though it was a traumatic in general, she made me comfortable and I felt like i was in great hands.

- Anonymous

Ms Meehan was my attorney for my divorce case. From the initial meeting through the final settlement her professionalism, knowledge and genuine compassion were evident. She displayed in-depth knowledge and insights that resulted in a successful representation that could have otherwise been significantly more detrimental. In the case where her knowledge was less complete, QDRO preparation, she did not hesitate to reach out to experts in her contact network for assistance.

- Jim

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Gregory Morphew

After hearing one of their ads on the radio, I looked up Goldberg Jones and read of their reputation. I called and told them my situation, and they paired me with an attorney whom they felt was a good match, Mr. Gregory Morphew. Upon meeting Gregg, it was easy to gain rapport and trust in him; he was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We kept in close communication through email, or phone, and he was always good at answering the plethora of questions I came up with.

I appreciated Gregg's valuable input and was able to be vulnerable with him enough for him to tell it to me straight. I put my faith in him and his ability as an attorney to help me in a dire family law situation, and I believe wholeheartedly I could not have come out of it with a better result. Gregg put in the work and was more than fair with the financial side of things. I recommend, Gregg Morphew.

- Seth

A friend of mine referred me to Goldberg Jones firm. I had a meeting with Ken Alan at his office in which I explained my case. He referred me to Gregory Murphy (Greg). Since the beginning, Greg was very supportive. Divorce is a difficult situation, for someone who doesn't know much about laws and especially for someone who immigrate in this country. But Greg had a very positive attitude toward my case until the end. He was very reliable, quick problem solver. He was honest and strait forward. He clarified and explained to me what is the most important things to know and to fight in a divorce case. One thing he did and touched me deeply was his attitude, supports and his sense of humour but still focused as a professional lawyer during a 5 hours negotiation.

- Max

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Patrick Shearer

The team at Goldberg Jones is awesome. They aren't pushy and extremely informative. They respond immediately and always promote family health and finding amicable solutions. They are well respected in the industry and awesome to work with.


I hired Goldberg Jones to handle my divorce and I have to say while I thought it was going to be a horrible process, the team did a remarkable job for me. They were very professional, responsive, available and honest throughout the entire process. Even after everything was final, they STILL continue to answer questions for me right away regarding little odds and ends that come up with parenting plans, child support and pretty much anything else that comes up.

- Steve

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