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Nathan Gibbs

Mr. Nathan Gibbs is a great lawyer, he made me feel very comfortable and he is a quick problem solver. He helped me during a difficult custody battle & I highly recommend him if you want 100% custody of your child. I am very grateful to have found Goldberg Jones – Divorce for Men.

It was a very scary thing. Going through a separation with children involved. Nathan Gibbs did a really good job of reassuring me. Everything was going to be OK.

I was really freaking out so I needed that. One thing he did a really good job of is trying to minimize the cost by only emailing me or calling me when it was absolutely needed.

I thought I was going to have to go to trial and spend a million dollars but he had a way of working his magic, and we got through it in mediation. I got everything I wanted the most important being 50-50 custody of my children. The rest was totally fair and I am 100% happy with the outcome. thank you Nathan for the help

Anthony K.
After my original attorney with another firm almost screwed up my case I reached out to Goldberg Jones. As the primary earner in my family I needed to protect my current and future assets. I called and was immediately given a consult same day. After the consult I was matched with Nathan Gibbs. Nathan jumped in immediately and cleaned up the mess the previous attorney left.

He represented me well through two mediations and two hearings. Though we didn't need up going to trial (thankfully) I know he would have kicked butt there too! He kept me well prepared and kept me in the right track. He encouraged me to be strong and not give up and give In and keo

The moment I contacted the Goldberg Jones office and then met with Mr. Nathan Gibbs, I felt I was in capable hands. They listened, quickly analyzed the situation, and dispelled my apprehensions, putting my mind at ease in an instant.

Nathan’s game plan proved to be solid, he kept me in the loop every step of the way, stepped up the pressure when needed, and basically defended my best interest. The case came to closure faster than I ever expected. I highly recommend Nathan in particular and Goldberg Jones in general.

Nathan Gibbs was very consistent and clear in his communication. In matters like family issues with ex-spouses, you want someone who is aggressive and confident in the law and their ability to get sh!t done. Nathan did that and drove a winning outcome for us. Thanks!

I went through a very contentious divorce with an extremely vindictive woman who falsely accused me of a serious charge. Nathan Gibbs of Goldberg Jones took my case. He was very professional and extremely honest about the nature of the charge and what I was up against. Thankfully Nathan was able to get the charge suspended.

Nathan wasn’t just doing his job. He knew I was telling the truth and really went to bat for me. That was the most important thing for me.


Nathan Gibbs was a great lawyer for my case. He understood all that was at stake & worked with me to get the best settlement I could preserving what I valued most.

In particular he was on top of the next steps and kept me informed about the likely scenarios. I would not hesitate to recommend Nathan to anyone who finds themselves in the misfortune of facing divorce.

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Robert Mar

I called Goldberg Jones, specifically for Robert Mar. I had been recommended to him by a friend of mine, a colleague of his.

I was in the middle of a custody trial involving 2 young kids and unfortunately was not in a position where I could afford to hire an attorney to fully represent me, but I couldn’t represent myself without some kind of advice. I hired Robert to review my paperwork and assist me in preparing for trial.

He is AMAZING! He was efficient with our time (He’s not cheap, however, he is worth every single penny!) and he was very candid with me regarding how I should and shouldn’t handle both myself and the case/trial. He gave me realistic expectations for the outcome and walked me through how the process would work.

My trial officially ended today and I feel that the information and assistance that I received from Robert were instrumental in my positive outcome. I would recommend him again and again!
Goldberg Jones and more specifically Rob Mar helped me during a difficult custody battle. As a father in Washington state, I expected only a 50-50 but was surprised Rob was able to get me pretty much 100% custody during our court case!!! My two-year-old daughter resides with me full-time and I could not be happier :)!
First, Robert was great to work with. Robert was the ONLY attorney that I spoke with that I felt was on my side in the divorce. Even though Washington state is 50/50 on divorce cases, the process was much more complex and Robert was incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the divorce proceedings.
Jay H.
We are so pleased and thankful to have found Mr. Robert Mar at Goldberg Jones for our legal matter. Mr. Mar helped us tremendously with our case. He was professional, honest, responded in a timely manner, and the retainer was reasonable. We appreciated his keen mind and ingenious solution that ultimately led to the dismissal of the case. We won thanks to Mr. Mar!!
Tiffany P.
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Gregory Morphew

Gregory Morphew is a very good man that's what makes him a good lawyer he made me feel very comfortable thank you
Danny R.
After hearing one of their ads on the radio, I looked up Goldberg Jones and read of their reputation. I called and told them my situation, and they paired me with an attorney whom they felt was a good match, Mr. Gregory Morphew.

Upon meeting Gregg, it was easy to gain rapport and trust in him; he was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We kept in close communication through email or phone, and he was always good at answering the plethora of questions I came up with.

I appreciated Gregg’s valuable input and was able to be vulnerable with him enough for him to tell it to me straight. I put my faith in him and his ability as an attorney to help me in a dire family law situation, and I believe wholeheartedly I could not have come out of it with a better result. Gregg put in the work and was more than fair with the financial side of things. I recommend, Gregg Morphew.
A friend of mine referred me to Goldberg Jones firm. I had a meeting with Ken Alan at his office in which I explained my case. He referred me to Gregory Murphy (Greg). Since the beginning, Greg was very supportive. Divorce is a difficult situation, for someone who doesn’t know much about laws and especially for someone who immigrates to this country. But Greg had a very positive attitude toward my case until the end.

He was a very reliable, quick problem solver. He was honest and straightforward. He clarified and explained to me what is the most important things to know and to fight in a divorce case. One thing he did and touched me deeply was his attitude, supports, and his sense of humor but still focused as a professional lawyer during a 5 hours negotiation.
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Miki Hoy

I was so pleased with the service I received from this business. Miki went above and beyond to help me get my rights to see my daughter again. She also supported me throughout the whole process. There was never an issue with me not understanding anything she had to explain to me due to her thorough explanation on everything. I recommend Miki to anyone out there who needs the perfect attorney.

I transferred services to Goldberg Jones, when my lawyer moved to their firm. I had interviewed a few other attorneys before finding a trustworthy advocate in Miki Hoy. So, I was happy to transfer services with her to her new firm.

Miki represented me through a complicated marriage separation and a civil matter. She was compassionate and honest throughout the entire 1.5 year process. She was able to get me a default ruling in my separation, meaning that my family and I will have security going forward.

Miki was willing to work to find alternative solutions when the King Co court system was finicky and unclear in a post-pandemic changing environment.

She is a creative and a critical thinker, and is truly passionate about helping victims of DV. I would recommend her to any person seeking help when times are dark.


Miki Hoy was my second attorney in my child custody case. First from Goldberg Jones. Miki was outstanding, professional and so personable. She was transparent with all things going on between both parties.

She was very informative and broke things down, as I don’t understand lawyer lingo. She fought for all the rights I wanted and listened to every request I had. She was willing to back any decision I wanted. She communicated very well thru calls and e-mails. She would give me the best advice that would benefit me and my time with my son. She was exactly what I was looking for after my first attorney failed me. She was so on top of dates, times and goings on.

I couldn’t give her enough praise. Thanks also go to the entire Goldberg Jones team. I believe Ken was the one that set me up with Miki. I would recommend Goldberg Jones, especially Miki Hoy. Thanks you so much Miki for have my best interests at your focus. I’m forever grateful.

Miki is the best. Thanks to her hard work and the hours she put into my case. My daughter now lives with me full time. When I hired Miki, it was a possibility that my daughter was moving out of state. I truly believe Miki fought just as hard as me. Now life is complete

My Attorney at Goldberg Jones is Mikki Hoy. She is speedy and keep her words, she is passionate and smart. The saying that who filled first usually wins all and takes all is not the case with Mikki, all she brings out from you is to tell the actual fact and the truth, then, peace of heart will all be yours all through to the end. My appreciation over me seeing my child with peace of mind is not enough yet am always thankful.

Thank you for giving me the space to breathe peacefully. Thanks to the listening understanding and organized boss Ken Alan. Also, my thank you goes to Jeff Ranks. God bless you Mikki.


I had a great experience with the attorneys here! Miki ended up being my main attorney and she was absolutely fantastic. She kept me in the loop every step of the way and made things as stress free as possible.

In the beginning, things moved very quickly and she was able to keep up the pace and get things done that most attorneys wouldn't have.

I really appreciate the service I received and if for any reason I ever need a lawyer again (fingers crossed I dont!), I'll be giving this office a call. Thank you for everything you guys did!

Rhiannon E.
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Noah Cuccuini

Goldberg Jones was a life saver. I was going through a rough divorce with a child involved. I talked to many divorce attorneys trying to get one to pick up my case for a fee that I could afford.

Once I contacted Goldberg Jones within the next day or two I had my assigned attorney and we were talking about the next step for my case. My child's mother and I live across the country from each other and the child was moving back and forth at the request of the mother.

The divorce Proceedings were pushed back multiple times and the delay to the case kept rising. 3.5 years of trying to finalize paperwork and go through the divorce without representation. As soon as Mr. Cuccuini picked up my case I was almost instantly satisfied with his work.

The effort he put in, the guidance he gave, and the fight he put up for me was all that I was expecting and more. Mr. Cuccuini always had time for my questions and was flexible no matter how the situation changed. I was able to get everything I was asking for and more with Mr. Cuccuini's assistance. My greatest appreciation goes out to the employees and members of Goldberg Jones, thank you.

Noah did a fantastic job with my case. It was a relatively simple property division case. I was presented with a realistic expectation from the beginning and really got the best outcome I could have expected. Well worth the expense.
Thomas B.
I contacted Goldberg-Jones to help me through my divorce. Although they were expensive I was willing to pay for what I thought was the best in the business. I should've shopped around but didn't since I was in a pinch. I belive the firm did the best they could with my case. They were there for any concerns that I had.
Their work was thorough and everything was explained in an easily understandable manner. I'm not giving a full five stars because I do feel like the process was drawn out longer than it had to be. That could be on this firm or it could just be how things work but to be on the safe side...it is what it is.
Charles S.
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Amanda Breslaw

I went through a simple divorce. No children,no property. The problem was my EX-wife was no where to be found.. Amanda Breslaw, saved the day, Now I'm single THANKS GJ
Goldberg Jones dedicated their time and energy to help me out. They were very flexible with the service I requested and very fast responding and also very confident when speaking with opposing counsel. It was a little bit pricy but after seeing how they work, I totally understood. You get the representation you pay for and they were the best.
Joseph K.
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Gabi M. Gutierrez

Gabi Gutierrez did an amazing job with my case and was able to get resolution quickly and fairly. Excellent attention to detail and was able to recommend additional services when needed to finalize any financial matters. Overall, the services offered met all of my expectations and Gabi was also kind, empathetic, and understanding throughout the process, which made a big difference during an extremely difficult time for me. Would highly recommend this her and Goldberg Jones.
Rob B.
Gabbi Gutierrez worked very hard on my case and went above and beyond. I thought getting what I thought was fair wasn't possible. We worked together and made it possible!!!
Eli B.
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Ken Alan - Managing Attorney

I had an great experience working with Kenneth. He was able to be able to work around my schedule to review legal documents. He did a great job breaking down legal jargon and gave great experienced advice.
I started a case Goldberg Jones, Kenneth Alan is the lawyer I was working with. Mr. Alan advised me to do another action that did not involve their office. This was done without charging a fee, what a great and unexpected surprise. I have never received free advice from any lawyer. Thank you Mr. Alan if I ever need the legal services that Goldberg Jones provides I will certainly use Goldberg Jones.
Outstanding law firm. Attorney Ken Alan answered all of my questions. I received a consultation, and he reviewed a legal document for FREE. This is a great firm and excellent attorney

I called to see if they would be able to do anything for me. They were very honest and said that they didn’t think it would benefit me to hire them. That shows great integrity and that they aren’t out to take all of your money.

I have had a consultation with a lawyer that costs $250, Goldberg Jones didn’t charge me a dime and said essentially the same thing. Great experience

Jonathan V.

I can’t imagine the circumstances in which a divorce could be anything but an unpleasant experience, but having Goldberg Jones – Divorce for Men to guide me through the process has been an extraordinary help and comfort. I have been working with Kenneth Alan and found him to be not only professional and knowledgeable, but also very personable.

I have found that Mr. Alan’s approach has a calming effect, which faces the matters at hand directly yet avoids stirring up any negative feelings or rancor. Very matter of fact. This approach particularly suited me because even though I am facing this divorce from my wife, I do not hate her nor do I wish her ill will, but I do want to protect myself in the process.

I have found that Mr. Alan strikes the perfect balance to satisfy all sides of my goals and intentions. I am very grateful to have found him & Goldberg Jones – Divorce for Men.

They have been exceptionally helpful in handling all different matters after my divorce! Only leaving me wishing and regretting not using them for my divorce. They are incredibly professional and knowledgeable especially Ken. Thank you so much. A quality attorney is difficult to find and priceless once you have found one.
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