grandfather and grandchild

Paternal Grandparents

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The role of grandparents post-divorce can be an important element in smoothing the transition into a new definition of family for children. There is a wide range of involvement and many roles grandparents can play. But a positive relationship between a grandchild and grandparent can provide the support and stability …

What Is Joint Custody?

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UPDATED: Like most legal matters related to divorce, child custody gets complicated. If you find yourself in the midst of such a battle, you likely hear a number of terms thrown around. Knowing what phrases like joint custody mean helps you understand what’s going on. When it comes to custody, …

can I get full custody instead of mother

What are the Odds of Getting Primary Custody?

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UPDATED—People often ask us about the chances fathers have of getting primary custody in Washington. Taken at face value, the laws don’t favor mothers over fathers. But even though both parents have equal legal footing, it doesn’t always play out like that. A recent report from the Washington State Center …

how do I get cusotdy

How Can I Obtain Custody of My Child?

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This post has been updated. Obtaining custody of your child is a complicated affair. The timing, route, and cost of the proceeding depend heavily on the fact surrounding your case, where your child is located, and the laws of the state where you are bringing the legal action. Nevertheless, with …

can you leave the country with child

Passports for Minors & Child Custody

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There are two scenarios where your ex might be taking the kids out of the country: relocation or vacation. While there is some common ground between these two scenarios there are some distinct differences.  We will tackle the relocation situation first and then discuss the challenges posed by foreign vacations.

getting through thanksgiving

Surviving Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is upon us. Though it’s traditionally full of family, friends, and other loved ones, this time of year is often tough for newly divorced dads. You may feel alone, especially if you don’t have your kids for the holiday. But there are ways to cope and survive what can …

what happens during hearings

Child Custody Hearings

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Child custody battles tend to become heated and contentious. Emotions run high, parents often drag each other through the mud, and it’s generally a harrowing experience. This all makes sense: we love our kids and want them to be part of our lives. But what do you need to know …

how to parent after divorce

5 Co-Parenting Strategies For Divorced Parents

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Co-parenting is when a couple breaks up, divorces, or otherwise separates, but continues to work together to raise a child or children. When a divorce involves kids, a key part of the process in Washington is the parenting plan. This lays out custody, visitation, child support payments, and how much time each parent spends with the kids.

who gets to refuse

Right Of First Refusal

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When it comes to child custody cases, the right of first refusal is a provision that impacts the time noncustodial parents spend with their children. It allows a parent to capitalize on opportunities to look after the kids. In some cases, it helps one parent increase their the one-on-one time …

recourse for visitation denial

When Your Ex Denies Visitation

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Child custody battles are often an unfortunate part of a divorce. Parents jockey back and forth about parenting time and who sees the kids how much. And that’s one of biggest changes that comes with ending a marriage. You may go from seeing your kids every day to once every …

can i keep my ex from leaving state

Can My Ex Relocate w/ the Kids?

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In most situations, divorce represents a titanic life change, one with lasting repercussions. A traumatic experience, after ending a marriage, many people want to get as far away as possible. If it’s just you, that’s simple enough. But when there are kids involved, it complicates matters. What to do if …

fathers rights in washington state

Can Fathers Win Custody In Washington?

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Whether it’s right or wrong, there is a public perception when it comes to divorce and child custody, that wives, mothers, and women always have the upper hand. Proponents of this stance throw around all manner of statistics and expert opinions on the topic. On a practical level, many men …

what does a GAL do?

Guardian Ad Litem: What You Need To Know

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As you already know, divorce is a tricky business. Emotions run high, tempers can flare, and the situation is further heightened when minor children are thrown into the mix. In custody cases, whether the parents are married or not, and where both sides have, perhaps, lost sight of the well-being …

Establishing Paternity in Washington

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Establishing paternity in Washington State is very straightforward. If your spouse and you were married at the time the baby was born, unless evidence to the contrary is presented, you are considered to be the father. If you were not married but both parents fill out a “paternity acknowledgment affidavit”, …

parental alienation syndrome

5 Signs of Parental Alienation

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A Google search on Parental Alienation will quickly reveal the heated debate that has erupted around the proposed addition of Parental Alienation Syndrome to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health.  Both sides of the debate are hot under the collar to defend their stance, as is evident in …

Stepfathers’ Rights in Seattle

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Being a father is an investment of love, time, and financial resources. However you acquired the noble title of “Dad” —you earn it every day. You are there for your children day in and day out — and the idea of not being part of their daily life is a …


Do grandparents have rights in WA?

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Rick Jones was on the Danny Bondaduce Show to talk about family law, divorce, and child custody in Washington. One caller had a question about her rights as a grandparent and whether or not she needed to get permission from both her daughter and son-in-law to take her grandchildren out …