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Preparing for a Divorce Consultation

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You are considering divorce, or perhaps you have already made the decision to divorce. Either way, you are most likely facing difficult challenges and a great deal of stress in your personal life.

Meeting with a family law attorney might feel intimidating and overwhelming during this difficult time —but it is an essential step when facing divorce.

What you do next can be crucial to securing a favorable outcome in the dissolution of your marriage. A family law attorney experienced in divorce, and child custody for fathers, will be your best ally on the road ahead.

You can make the most of your consultation by taking these three steps to prepare:

  • Gather personal information. During your consultation, you will need basic personal information about you, your spouse, and any children you might have. The necessary information includes names, addresses, birthdays, social security numbers, and place of employment.
  • Make a list. Take some time prior to your consultation to write a list of your specific concerns. Organizing your thoughts in advance will help ensure the attorney is able to address all the areas that are important to you.
    Some of the topics you might have concerns about: children, assets acquired before the marriage and moving out. Addressing these points of concern early in the divorce process will give you confidence moving forward.
  • Bring your W’s (and an H): Who, what, when, where and how.  Compiling your list of concerns will most likely raise some question. Write them down. Your attorney will be an invaluable resource in providing you accurate and informative answers. Divorce is emotional and difficult; you don’t have to do it alone.
    The advice you receive from your attorney will take the mystery out of the divorce process. And, having sound knowledge of what to expect will help alleviate some of your stress and can actually reduce the cost of divorce.

The initial consultation is an opportunity to get your questions answered and help you better understand how your unique circumstances will affect the divorce process.

A consultation does not mean that you’ve hired an attorney, nor does it mean you’re obligated to hire the one that you meet with. Think of it as a learning opportunity that will provide you with important information to help you move forward with confidence.

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