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Stepfathers’ Rights in Seattle [Infographic]

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Being a father is an investment of love, time, and financial resources. However you acquired the noble title of “Dad,” you earn it every day. You’re there for your children day in and day out — and the idea of not being part of their daily life is a scary thought. Unfortunately, one group of dads facing divorce have their rights as fathers questioned: Stepfathers.

Stepdads often spend decades providing love, support, and guidance to children. Whether or not they’re your biological kids, you develop a deep, meaningful bond. 

When divorce enters the picture, it often feel like those years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice disappear.

Rest assured, as complicated as your situation may seem, stepfathers do have custody options.  We have put together an infographic to help you get a snap-shot assessment of what de facto parentage is and how it might relate to your custody situation as a stepfather.

Remember, every situation is unique. The best way to get accurate answers to your distinctive circumstances is to talk to an attorney. An experienced professional will assess your situation and give you answers you can use.

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