How To Divorce ASAP

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By the time you get to the point where you’re ready to file for divorce, you’re probably done with it. Odds are, you just want to get it over as quickly as possible. That’s an understandable feeling. But in many cases, perhaps most, taking the fastest route isn’t necessarily the …

can a spouse prevent a divorce

No Fault Divorce in WA State

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Divorce often represents a time of great difficulty. You have emotional turmoil to contend with, practical and logistical concerns, and with forms, attorneys, and appearances, the process gets incredibly complex. Any number of factors can further complicate matters. One such snag is when you want to end your marriage, but the …

should I sign a joinder

Should I Sign A Joinder?

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Most people think of divorce as an antagonistic process. TV and movies have pounded the image of a husband and wife bickering back and forth, arguing about every last detail, into our collective mind. It’s true, divorce can be mean, nasty, and riddled with conflict. But that isn’t always the …

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11 Divorce Strategies To Know Before Filing

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The divorce process can be daunting. It can be a long, complicated affair. With a massive impact on your life moving forward, being prepared is in your best interest. Strategies To Know Beforehand Having strategies in place to deal with divorce and all the things that accompany it will be …

How To File For Divorce in WA

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When most of you think of divorce, you probably imagine dramatic courtroom scenes from movies, bitter spouses fighting over kids and cars and every last detail, and a long, drawn-out process.  While reality can certainly resemble this on occasion, at a base level, filing for divorce in Washington isn’t as …

how does mediation work during divorce

What is Divorce Mediation?

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This post has been updated. With the countless issues that arise in divorce/legal separation the divorcees are left to find the most suitable conflict resolution. Cases that involve division of assets or children would normally be forced to go into mediation if the parties cannot come to an agreement. What …