how do I alter child support if my ex won't show up to meetings

Ex Keeps Dodging Our Meetings To Alter Child Support

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Following divorce, separation, or a split, child support often plays an important role. These payments are designed to provide for your kids and cover necessities like food, shelter, medical care, and the rest. Once in place, they’re also difficult to alter. One thing that makes it even harder to change is when your ex won’t play ball. If your ex keeps dodging you, what can you do?

Our founding partner, Rick Jones, makes regular appearances on KZOK on the Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show, where he addresses family law questions from listeners. On a recent show, he answered this very question.

Listen to the conversation below:

Caller: “My daughter has been divorced for several years now, and the child support that was set up was below standard. So I finally got her to go to an attorney, and she has one, but every time the attorney sets up to have an appointment to meet with him or to set up with an arbitrator, he finds some way not to come. Is there anything that can be done?”

Rick: “Sure, set a court date. Sounds like there is a passive negotiation going on, so quit with the passiveness and get into court right away. What county is this in by the way? Is it here in Washington?”

Caller: “Yeah, Pierce.”

Rick: “Okay, in Pierce County, what needs to be filed is a ‘support adjustment,’ because it’s been more than two years since it was last looked at, it’s a very common proceeding, but filing a support adjustment, he or she can be into court literally within 30 days to address the issue.”

If you have questions about your case, don’t hesitate to contact Goldberg Jones. Our Seattle divorce lawyers are here to help.

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