Getting Served: Dealing w/ Divorce Papers

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Seattle divorce attorney, Rick Jones, made a recent appearance on Danny Bonaduce’s “Life Coach”.  He fielded questions from callers and provided family law advice— helping one caller dealing with being served divorce papers.

Unfortunately for the caller, his wife instigated the legal separation and he doesn’t want to get divorced. Rick advised the caller that regardless of if he wants a divorce, the best coarse of action is to be proactive in the legal proceedings. Remaining passive and “burying your head in the sand” can create significant challenges and might end up being a very expensive divorce mistake.

If you have been served divorce papers, or if you are planning on serving divorce papers to your wife, educating yourself on the process and procedures will help protect your rights and your assets through the divorce process.

Being informed and knowledgeable about Washington divorce laws is an important step in your Seattle divorce. If you have questions about custody, child support, spousal support, or any other Seattle family law issues, our managing attorney Ken Alan is available to answer your questions over the phone at no charge.

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