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A dedicated attorney, husband, and father, Goldberg Jones and our clients have been fortunate to have the services of Rob Mar since he joined the firm all the way back in 2004. This makes Rob one of the longest tenured members of the Seattle team, and he has helped countless clients over the decade-plus he’s been a part of the family.

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Rob grew up in Bremerton, Washington before moving across the Puget Sound to Seattle, where he attended the University of Washington. There he received his bachelor’s degree in economics, and ultimately attended the Seattle University School of Law.

Starting his career at a small general practice firm, Rob gravitated to family law, in part, because of the real-life drama involved. Coming from a strong family background, and as the father of two young children—a boy and a girl—he understands the importance of parents continuing to be in the lives of their children after divorce, and fights every day to ensure the rights of fathers in the region.

With a friendly, likable demeanor, Rob is able to immediately put new clients at ease. This, combined with his effectiveness as an attorney, keeps them coming back when his services are once again needed.

Rob often takes the skills he acquired in economics and applies them to each case. When it comes to the division of property, he implores his clients to determine how much a particular item is worth to them, even if the two spouses are arguing about a box, or three, of cookie cutters or an iTunes playlist.

He believes that logic and reason should trump emotion when it comes to divorce and custody cases. However, he also recognizes that this is not always the case and that judges often make rulings based on emotional reactions. With a broad view that takes into account both the idealized version of the family court system as well as the realities, one of Rob’s strengths as an attorney is the ability to offer clients practical, sensible advice when it comes to their cases.

Rob admits that the job of a family law attorney can be tough, heavy, and stressful and that it is not for everyone. You often encounter people in the midst of hard times, going through what may be the most difficult period of their lives. As arduous and demanding as the work can be, Rob credits doing good work and maintaining a positive attitude with why he has been able to thrive in this environment for so long.

He also recognizes the role the welcoming, family-like atmosphere at Goldberg Jones plays in this. In a line of work that can be draining and exhausting, everyone in the office is in the same boat. Though the specifics may be different, all of his fellow attorneys have been through tough, challenging cases and are well aware of the toll that can take, as well as the need to support one another.

Being able to separate work and home life is also very important to Rob. These days, when he’s not at the office, in mediation, or in court, the vast majority of his time is filled by his wife, young son, and daughter. Though this part of his life occupies the lion’s share of the modest amount of free time Rob has, he still finds ways to indulge his various passions, only now in ways tailored to fit the needs of the devoted family man that he is.

In the past, Rob has written and produced independent films. Over the years, from high school onward, he has also undertaken a number of musical endeavors, playing in bands of various styles and making his own electronic music. Now, instead of performing in a punk band at a local roller skating rink, or making unusual cinematic fare, he takes the songs his daughter writes, creates tracks for her to sing over, and produces adorable music videos. He’s also fond of building elaborate Star Wars creations out of Lego blocks.

It’s obvious that Rob Mar prides himself on not only being a dedicated attorney, but also a devoted husband and father. These two passions are a big part of what drives him every day to be a great family law practitioner. With a wealth of experience and a friendly, relatable manner, Rob has been a valuable part of the Goldberg Jones family in Seattle for more than a decade, and he will continue to work diligently for the benefit of his clients well into the future.

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