Do grandparents have rights in WA?

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Rick Jones was on the Danny Bondaduce Show to talk about family law, divorce, and child custody in Washington. One caller had a question about her rights as a grandparent and whether or not she needed to get permission from both her daughter and son-in-law to take her grandchildren out …

what happens after the honeymoon

From Honeymoon to Cohabitation

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A client of ours forwarded me an article this week. It pointed out that many divorces are not high conflict. They do not stem from abuse, adultery, or financial devastation. Instead, they stem from lower conflict issues that build over time. Many times these conflicts are distractions that slowly pull …

courts rarelt have reasons to split siblings

Court Don’t Want to Split Siblings

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I ran across this story on Twitter today titled “One mother’s heroic decision.” The story follows a court proceeding in a custody dispute. There are five children that are given the choice of who they would like to be with. The father’s suggestion is that the children should be split …

how do I get cusotdy

How Can I Obtain Custody of My Child?

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Obtaining custody of your child is a complicated affair. The timing, route, and cost of the proceeding depends heavily on the fact surrounding your case, where you child is located, and the laws of the state where you are bringing the legal action. Nevertheless, with some basic information and the …