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Full Episode: Hiding Assets, Foster Care & Ending Child Support

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1:00 Bob asks, “I’ve been a stay at home dad for about 2 years, and my wife filed for divorce recently, and I don’t know if I have a shot of majority custody or if Washington favors the mom, or what. How does this work?”

2:30: “My son has 3 children with one woman, they were never married, she basically abandoned the kids at the end of 2014, since that time, she has been receiving disability through social security, I have no idea if she’s recieving money for the kids too even though she doesn’t have them. He’s receiving no child support at all. Can he get child support from her?

4:55:  “I got married when I was 19 years old, and recently found out that she wasn’t the “One”, what a surprise, right? My hobby is fixing cars, and I have 6 vehicle titles in my name and she wants them all in the divorce.  The cars are worth a lot of money, but only because of all the work I put into them.  Can I hide the cars somehow to avoid her from getting them?We turned this into it’s own post.

7:50:  Brad asks “Ongoing CPS case, recently I was established as a parent. My child is still in foster care and they medicated my child without permission. What can I do to get custody of my child?”

10:22:  John asks, “I’m paying child support for 2 daughters as per a divorce settlement from New York State.  I have one daughter going off to college in August. Can I use the child support money she would normally use, for something else?

12:03: Ralph: “I’ve been separated since 09/2014. She lives in Connecticut and is still on my insurance. How can I get her off my insurance?”

14:28:  “I currently am in a contentious marriage, and am on SSD. I have no income and my husband won’t even give me the money to go to the pharmacy to get my medication. What can I do?”

15:56: Text-In question:“How can I end a child support order?”

17:18:  “I have 2 kids I haven’t seen since 2004, their mom and I split up as we had some chemical issues.  I’ve since cleaned up my life over the past 10 years.  Her parents got custody when she was arrested for selling meth, and they keep fighting me and telling me I can’t see them.  What can I do?We turned this question into it’s own post.

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