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In this installment of Life Coach, Goldberg Jones’ managing partner, Rick Jones, fielded questions that covered everything from relocation and custody to knowing when to divorce.

The first caller was a grandmother with custody of her grandchild. Her question for Rick: “How difficult will it be to get the court’s permission to move with my grandson of whom I have custody?” The caller provided background on her situation saying she was awarded custody in 2012. Child Protective Services (CPS) stepped in because both parents were heroin addicts. The child’s father is in treatment and the caller’s daughter has been in three different treatment programs. The caller’s family is located in Eugene, OR and she would like to move there for support and help with her situation.

Rick gathered some additional information by asking if the custody was through a parenting plan or if it was an order though the dependency and with CPS.  The caller clarified the situation saying that both parents signed custody over and a parenting plan does exist.

Rick informed the caller that her outlook is good. Citing the Washington State relocation statutes, he reassures the caller that as long as she follows the correct procedure for relocating she shouldn’t incur any obstacles. With neither parent objecting to the relocation and given the nature, stability, and strength of her relationship with her grandson, the odds are very much in the caller’s favor.

You can hear more of Rick’s advice on custody, divorce and family law by watching the clip below.

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