Full Episode: Protection Orders, Parenting Plans & Contempt Charges

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Listen to the latest edition of Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach on the Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show.

Rick Jones answers questions about divorce, protection orders, parenting plans, child support, spousal maintenance, and contempt charges.

Danny and Rick tackle some of the following questions:

45 seconds in – “What if’s not in compliance with the plan? Will it affect child support, how?”

3:10 – “I’d like to make some changes to my parenting plan, what if he says ‘no’?  Will child support be affected?”

4:35 –  “We’ve been together but unmarried for 25 years. We own a home together, we’ve split everything down the middle, what happens to the house?”

7:13 – “Estranged husband who’s an addict, living in another county without an address, how do I file a divorce if I can’t find him to serve papers?”

8:59 – “I have step kids I’d like to add to my insurance, how does that all factor into child support?”

11:14 – “My ex-boyfriend is under criminal investigation for trying to poison me. Do I need a civil investigation as well? Can I get a protection order?”

13.10 – “How do I enforce child support?”

15:15 –  “My ex’s girlfriend moved in with him, which improves his financial level of comfort, can the child support order be updated?”

16:06 – “I have custody of my nephew, as his mother is unable and unwilling to care for him. How do I get guardianship?”

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