Full Episode: Parenting Plans & Custody Orders

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Another new episode of Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach on the Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show.

Rick Jones answers questions about family law, divorce, and fathers rights.


In this episode, Rick and Danny answer the following questions:

1:15  “Do you need a Parenting Plan if your kids are older than 18?”

3:10  “Do you still need a Parenting Plan if you have kids but aren’t married?” Follow-up:  “Do you need a Paternity Affidavit?”

6:14  –  “If I re-marry my ex-wife and it doesn’t work out, will I need a new custody order?”

6:14 – “Do I need to pay child support if my son spends the summer with his grandparents?”

7:35  “How long do you have to married before wife qualifies for my retirement fund or pension? Or does she at all?”

10:12 –  “We share the kids 50/50, but the parenting plan is from another state. What do I need to do to register it in Washington State?”

11:50 – “My separation agreement needs to be corrected, can I get her to voluntarily agree to change it?”

14:10 –  “Is Washington a common law state? ”

15:30  –  “Do I need a parenting plan if I get along with my ex?”


What is a parenting plan?  it’s the document that addresses the residential provisions, or custody, for your children.  Also called a “Custody Order”.

What is a “Paternity Affidavit”? It’s a form that states who the father of the child is for unmarried couples.  Also called a (also known as a Paternity Acknowledgment or Acknowledgment of Paternity)

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