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Seattle divorce attorney, Rick Jones, stopped by Life Coach to provide some Washington divorce and custody help. As always, there was no shortage of callers needing advice.

The first caller has two children and has been divorced for several years. At the time of the divorce, both parties agreed that the support payments would be $222 a month. After the divorce the caller’s ex wife went on the State Support system. The State then tripled the caller’s support payments to $666. The parenting plan requires support payments to continue until the children are 18 or graduate high school, which ever happens later.

The caller’s son dropped out of high school more than 18 months ago, but has recently reenrolled. The caller wanted to know how he can address the situation and have the support payments modified.

Rick advised the caller that his son’s re enrollment in school could be a bit of a shill to capitalize on the extension of child support. Rick explained that the probability of changing the amount of support now is low, but by presenting the situation to the courts, the caller can establish an “institutional memory” that will set the bar for future recourse. If the son doesn’t meet the progress requirements that he said he was going to, the caller can then revisit the modification to reduce child support payments.

Another caller wanted to know how to protect himself from his wife’s threats of divorce. His wife earns more money than the caller and has threatened divorce and to kick him out onto the street. Rick recommended he take action to plan ahead and have a strategy in place to maintain access to money, possessions, and a temporary place to live. You can hear all of Rick’s advice in the clip below. If you need answers regarding divorce, custody, or any other family law issue, please call us at (206) 448-1010.

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