can dads get full custody

Stay at Home Dad Get Full Custody?

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Bob asks: I’ve been a stay at home dad for the last 2 years, and my wife filed for divorce recently, and I don’t know if I have a shot of being able to have majority custody of my daughter or if Washington favors the mom, or what. How does this work?

Rick: “The key really is that who between the two of you has already been in the role of primary parenting function providing. And the pivotal period is actually the last two years, the last 6 months being more important than before that, but the last two years is extremely important.

The real key is this though: don’t go in with what I’m hearing feels a little bit of a defeatist attitude, get someone on your side that can put the story together and tell it in a compelling and truthful way. It sounds like he’s got a really good case.

Danny:Not that you need me to tell you this, but I’ve hired lawyers in my day, and never had they said ‘you have a defeatist attitude, step up, tell your story well’, I thought that was great. From what I’m getting there Bob, there’s a good chance of this, but you need an attorney to tell your story.

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