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Full Episode – Divorce Decrees, MIA Spouses & Separation

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Kicking off the new year with another edition of “Life Coach w/ Danny Bonaduce Featuring Rick Jones”.

01:17 – My ex-wife and her attorney convinced the judge that I could not be found, and got the judge to sign off on our divorce without my input. Now I’m the hook for her debt. What do I do?

3:22 – My daughter needs help with child custody issues. Father has custody of the kids. My daughter never received the custody papers because they didn’t have her correct address. What do I do now?

5:43 – I divorced my husband in 2013, our debt was split between us, each responsible for their share. After declaring bankruptcy, we no longer have that debt, so will I still be held liable?

9:11 – Non-custodial parents have forfeited their visitation rights. In 2017, my ex says he can’t afford child support because he’s unemployed. I have limited income and am on disability. What do I do?

10:55 – My baby daddy doesn’t feel he needs to pay child support since I earn more money than he does and my rent is less. Is he right? (spoiler alert. No.)

12:59 – Been legally separated for 10 years, would like to just turn it into a divorce. Is there a simple way to make this happen?

14:13 – I heard that in a divorce settlement, you’re required to sell and split the house, how exactly would that work?

15:13 – My ex is supposed to be paying medical bills per our divorce decree, but he isn’t.

16:56 – How old do my kids have to be before they can choose who to live with?

18:18 – My ex-girlfriend gave me her boat 2 years ago, and drug her feet on giving me the title, now she wants it back. What do I do? *

* Technically, given they were never married and don’t have kids, this is not a family law question, but Danny and Rick answer it anyway in their own style. *

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