Full Episode: Disorderly Conduct, Child Support & Debt

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Listen to the latest edition of Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach on the Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show.

0:55 – “My wife and I had an argument that involved disorderly conduct. She’s now saying she plans on taking my kids to California without my permission.  How can I stop her?”

3:06 – “How do I get a child support payment lowered if I lose my job?”

5:04 – “My boyfriend and I have been together for 19 years.  We both have spouses, but want to get divorced now, how will that affect alimony and child support?”

07:02 – “I can’t afford an attorney, and my wife has one. She has now frozen my assets, and I’m having to live with friends, how can I deal with this without hiring an attorney?”

08:58 – “My wife is responsible for 40% of child support, but she hasn’t paid me enough, what can I do?”

10:33 – “I got divorced a month ago, my ex got a reduction based on his debt, but he immediately declared bankruptcy, and isn’t financially liable anymore.  Can I revise the child support order to reflect his new financial status?”

12:31 – “I just got divorced, and now my wife wants more money.  What do I do?”

16:49 – “I’m paying child support on a child that lives with me, do I have to keep making payments?”

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