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There was no shortage of divorce questions for Rick when he stopped by KZOK last week. And Danny and Rick didn’t waste any time getting straight to the callers’ questions.

The first caller wanted to know how he could get his property back. The caller was still in the process of dissolving his marriage and had gone through arbitration to divide some of the marital assets. Unfortunately for the caller, he has been unable to procure the property awarded during the arbitration.

Rick informed the caller that because he has an arbitration award and the divorce isn’t final, the court still has a say in the situation—good news for the caller.  Rick went on to outline the steps the caller will need to take to enforce the arbitration award and advised the caller to make sure the divorce is finalized.

The next caller needed advice on fixing the damage her ex had done to her credit.  The caller discovered that her ex’s debts were on her credit report when she tried to get a line of credit. The caller disputed the debts with the credit bureau, but they refused to remove them from her report.

The caller’s divorce papers assigned her ex liability for both personal and business debt. Her question for Rick: “How do I get my ex’s debt off my credit report?”

Rick explained to the caller that the time frame in which the debt was incurred will affect her ability to have the credit blemishes removed from her credit report. Because the caller was unsure if all the debt was incurred during the marriage or after the divorce, Rick provide two answers.

If the debt was created after the divorce, Rick recommended providing the creditors with a divorce decree. This will demonstrate that the marriage is dissolved and the couple is no longer a community.

If the caller didn’t co-sign for any of the debt, then the creditors are more likely to work with her assuming the debt was indeed created after the divorce.

Unfortunately, if the debt was created while the couple was still married the caller will be burdened with the debt. Even if the divorce decree assigns the debt to her ex, that agreement won’t affect the creditors ability to seek repayment from her.

Rick advised the caller that if the only way to clear up her credit is to pay off the balances, then she will have to bear that expense. After the debt has been paid off, the caller can take her ex to court to seek compensation for the expense of paying off his debt.

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