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Custody, Parenting Plans, and Jursidiction

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In this episode of Life Coach with Sarah and Danny Bonaduce, Seattle divorce attorney Rick Jones gives the four-one-one on custody, jurisdiction, enforcing a parenting plan, and meretricious relationships.

The show’s first caller had some concerns about custody and wanted to know what the next steps would be for getting a custody order. Three months ago she relocated to Washington state with her daughter and she was worried that she might have broken the law. Rick quickly put her concerns to rest and informed her that she hasn’t broken any laws by relocating.  He then explained the next step is to establish jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction is defined as “the power or right to make judgments about the law” and “the power or right to govern an area”. In Washington, there is a 6-month waiting period before jurisdiction is established. Rick informs the caller that after the 6 months has passed, she will need to file to create a parenting plan in Washington that defines custodial rights and outlines any restrictions that might need to be put in place.

The next caller had questions about enforcing her custody order. Her custody order grants her authority to enroll her child in extra curricular activities as long as they are within reason and the cost is to be shared between her and the child’s father. The caller stated that the child’s father has declined to share the expense of the activity and she wanted to know if she can enforce the order and require him to pay.

Rick told her that the father is indeed responsible for the portion outlined in the custody order, but it is possible he won’t pay.  Rick also advised the caller to evaluate the cost to enforce the order to determine if it makes financial sense.  Danny chimed in and posited that going to court over $20 a month doesn’t make sense. Rick followed up saying that in this instance the cost to enforce the order will greatly exceed the cost of paying for 100% of the activity.

You can hear Rick’s advice about these situations and more in the clip below. If you have questions about your rights as a husband or father give us a call. We are happy to provide answers over the phone at no charge and no obligation. (206) 448-1010

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