Child Support Arrears

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If you owe more than $2,500 in back child support, you are ineligible to receive a US passport. This requirement can cause a tricky predicament for fathers that are required to travel internationally for their jobs.

During a recent appearance on Life Coach with Danny Bonaduce, a caller from Olympia wondered if he needed to pay all back child support before he could obtain a passport for work. His job requires international travel and he needed advice about what his options might be.

Rick informed the caller that the first step is to contact the Support Enforcement and explain that his income and future ability to pay the child support is dependent on having a passport.  Additionally, having a statement or declaration from his employer that outlines the necessity of a passport as a requirement of his job would be helpful.

Rick goes on to explain that the support enforcement office may ask to have the caller sign a waiver of the statute of limitations.  Signing a waiver of the statute of limitations allows the support enforcement office to continue to collect back child support indefinitely.

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