Full Episode: Cheating Spouses & Child Endangerment

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Rick and Danny tackle toughs questions, covering topics from cheating spouses to child endangerment, and a 14 year legal separation.

0:57 – “My friend has a 6 year old, and after visiting her home, I believe the child could possibly be in danger, how do I help?”

3:30 – “Why don’t family courts typically enforce equal custody statute that’s on the books?”

4:37 – “Caught my husband cheating last night, what can I do to take him for everything he has? I want his dog too.”

6:58 – “I have been with my wife for 13 years, but after our fighting started to happen in front of the kids,  I wanted to get a divorce. I found out that our wedding certificate was never filed and we aren’t married, what do I do about child custody?”

9:40 – “If my step-daughter leaves for Job Corps (she’s under 18) will we still need to pay child support if her room and board is covered by them?”

11:20 – “My husband had 2 DUI’s and spent $30,000 on an attorney, can I get my money back?”

12:47 – “I pay child support, but got remarried, can my ex-husband go after my new husbands income?”

14:17 – “My friend and his wife are from Texas, if they get divorced, would Washington State or Texas have jurisdiction? How is it decided?”

17:11 – “We’re getting a divorce, no lawyers, and I said I would sign over all my assets, except for 1/3 of our retirement.  How will taxes work on it if I want to cash out my share?”

19.17 – “I’ve been legally separated since 2004, am I still legally married?”

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