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The latest edition of Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach on the Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show.

Rick Jones chats about property rights for home owners going through a divorce.  Caller owned property before marriage, but made improvements during.  Can he keep his property throughout the divorce settlement?   Hear Rick answer callers questions on this and other family law matters.

1:16 – “I have property that I got from my family and was paid for before I met my wife, is there a way to save it from being dissolved in the divorce?”

3:55 – “My ex-wife isn’t complying with the divorce decree, what can I do?”  “Can I be forced to sell my home during a divorce?”

6:25 – “Legally I’m the owner of my home, and it’s willed to my kids, if something were to happen to me, could my ex take ownership of the house?”

8:30 – “My sister and my wife were in a physical altercation, and my sister wants to press charges. What do we do?”

11:17 – “been divorced for 2 years, the court order states she cannot leave the state with the child, but she threatens to leave on occasion, can I prevent her from leaving the state?”

13:45 – “15 years ago, divorce decree stated that if he paid off debt, I’d leave his retirement pension alone. He has failed to comply with the order, can I access his pension though?”

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