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We Got Divorced But They Won’t Leave

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If marriage is the process of combining two lives, divorce is the process of untangling them when things don’t go as planned. It gets ugly and messy. People fight and bicker. Feelings get hurt. This also usually entails people who once lived together moving out and going on about their separate lives. But what if you divorce and your ex won’t leave? What then?

One of our founding partners, Rick Jones, regularly appears on the Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show, where he answers family law questions from listeners. One recent caller finds herself in this exact predicament. What can she do? What are her options?

Listen to the conversation below:

Caller: “Well, I got divorced and I asked him to move out of the house, but he won’t leave.”

Danny: “Even after the divorce?”

Caller: “Yeah.”

Danny: “After the divorce was final? He wouldn’t move out?”

Caller: “Right.”

Danny: “Well, Rick Jones, you have anything about this? I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

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Rick’s Answer:

Rick: “Well, I’ll ask the obvious question first. Is it your house?”

Caller: “Yes, he signed off on everything to me.”

Rick: “Well, at this point it now becomes a landlord-tenant issue.”

Danny: “So the cops. You’re thinking, ‘Oh well this is my house, I’m going to call the cops,’ they won’t do anything because you gave him the keys to the front door.”

Rick: “Right, right. So there is a process, unfortunately, it’s outside of what I do. But there’s a process to evict him, just as if he was a friend was crashing and wouldn’t leave.”

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