Full Episode: Paternity, Relocation & Restorative Maintenance

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1:01:  Alex asks – “My baby mama is trying to move to California for a job, we have joint custody, so how to I keep her from taking my child out of state?”

3:48:  John asks – “My wife and I have been married for 2 years, and her job relocated her to California.  Do we need to get divorced in Washington or California?”

6:15:  Write in question – “Danny always says there’s no such thing as an uncontested or polite divorce. But I’m positive my wife and I can be grown ups in this situation. Are there cheap easy avenues for an uncontested divorce?”  Spoiler alert: YES. But…

8:35:  Caller asks – “My girlfriend of 5 years had a child with another man who is now paying child support but there is no parenting plan. We’d like to move to Idaho, can we do that?”

10:25:  Sissy asks – “My daughter was married to someone who got deported years ago.  Is she still married? Do they still need a divorce?”

11:40:  Jane asks – “Restorative Maintenance.  I was awarded maintenance for 2 years during our separation, but due to the economy and the great recession he was unable to make payments. Can I get restorative maintenance?

13:37:  John asks – ” My son is dating a girl, when they move in together, will he be liable for child support if the father doesn’t pay it?”

16:10:  Caller asks “I’m calling about my daughter. She’s been divorced for about a year, and we can’t locate her ex to remove his name from the title of her car. She is also the title on his car, and he is both unlicensed and uninsured.”

18:00: Miranda asks –  “There is a paternity pre-trial coming up as I’m on assistance and the state is wanting money from the father to recoup funds. What can I expect from this procedure?

19:29: Laura asks –  “I’ve been divorced a couple years ago and received alimony (also called “spousal support or maintenance“), but my ex has failed to make all payments.  Is it worth it to go to court?  Can I garnish his wages?”

21:10:  Chris asks – “I have split custody with my ex here in Washington, I want to move to North Carolina with my new wife.  Is there a way I can take my kid with me?”

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