is is weird hes not allowed pictures of his daughter

Is It Weird He’s Not Allowed Pictures Of His Daughter?

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We’ve been in the family law game for a long time. Our firm is more than 20 years old—if Goldberg Jones was a person, it could legally drink. That said, even with all of that experience, once in a while we come across something we’ve never encountered.

Our founding partner, Rick Jones, makes regular appearances on the Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show on KZOK, where he answers questions from listeners.

What made our founding partner, with all his decades of experience, say, “I have never heard that before.” It’s a strange one.

Check it out below:

Caller: “I’m calling about a friend of mine that went through a divorce. His wife and his daughter, both have restraining orders against him, so he can’t see either one.”

Danny:They are separate people though correct?

Caller: “Yes, but they’re living in the same house.”

Danny:Alright, didn’t know how weird this was going to turn, Steve. Alright, what is your question for Rick Jones?”

Caller: “It’s a two-part deal. Let me give you the second part, too. He wasn’t allowed any pictures, of either one, for fear it would trigger hostility. Now, how weird is that? I could understand not wanting a picture of your ex-wife, but your daughter?”

Danny:Yeah, I don’t understand it either, does this somehow make a question for Rick Jones?”

Caller:Is it normal to have pictures [be] taboo in a divorce?

Rick:I have never heard that before.

Danny:You’ve never heard it for any reason? Or specifically, if it will make him have a bad reaction?

Rick:Yeeeeaaaah…obviously they’re trying to make a bunch of psychological links right here that without knowing whatever the facts of this case were. It just sounds very odd to me.

Danny:Alright, if you want from me, yeah that sounds super weird. Or if you want from a big-time divorce attorney, yeah, apparently that sounds really weird. So your friend should look into it, I’m sure he can get some kind of better result, even if it’s just pictures of his kid. I would think he could win that.

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