Life Coach w/ Danny Bonaduce: June

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Listen to the latest edition of Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach on the Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show.

In this episode of Life Coach, Rick and Danny tackle some tough questions.

1:02 – “When my son turns 18, will child support remain in effect?

3:43 – I have no property and no kids, do I still need to get divorced or is separation fine?”

5:40 – “I was never married, but we have a 7-year-old son. She moved out, do I still have parental rights if we weren’t married?”

8:82 – “I got married in Vegas and never saw the man again, how do I get divorced if i can’t find him?”

11:05 – “I’d like to change my child support plan, and have been working on it for 11 months, how much longer does it take to modify child support?”

13:14 – “I’ve heard that whomever files for divorce first gets the advantage? Is that true?”

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