Interviewing Danny Bonaduce: Part 4 – Anything to Add?

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One the first Wednesday of every month, Rick Jones, our founding partner, stops by The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show to answer family law questions from callers.
Normally Rick and Danny are the ones who take questions from callers, but we thought it would be enlightening to flip the script.

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Rick: “Is there anything you’re dying to talk about or add to the end of this?”

Danny: “Not dying, but I thought of it just this moment, ‘Goldberg Jones -Divorce For Men.’ If that had been around when I was getting a divorce–and I wouldn’t have even thought I needed it before–if I had ever heard, ‘call this phone number: Goldberg Jones – Divorce For Men,’ I’d have called that in a minute.

“As I grew up in Hollywood and people first started getting divorces–like, you didn’t get a divorce on San Feliciano Drive. In 1972, Mrs. Burmaster got a divorce, and my mom–she told me this not to long ago–we stopped speaking to her. ‘You got a divorce? You can’t do that.’ “

[Ed. Note: We don’t know who Mrs. Burmaster is either.]

Danny: “It’s been my observation that men don’t do well. Some of it’s their own fault. I don’t know if we’re lazy, or if we just assume they’re going to be beaten down so why not take our beating like a man, but if there had been a Goldberg Jones – Divorce For Men in 2001, I’d have called it and truly believe I would have fared better.


Danny: That’s how it’s done!

Rick: “Mic drop.”

[We swear that we had no idea he was going to say that, but goodness were we stoked when he did!]

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