Interviewing Danny Bonaduce: Part 2 – Pre/Postnups

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One the first Wednesday of each month, Rick Jones, one of our founding partners, stops by The Danny Bonaduce And Sarah Morning Show to take questions from callers on all aspects of family law.
Normally Rick and Danny take questions from callers, but we thought it would be fun to switch things up. We turned the tables on Danny and asked him about his own extensive history with family law.
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Part 2: Prenups & Postnups

Mary Beth:Not too long ago on the air, you and Rick were talking about Justin Bieber, his relationship with Hailey Baldwin (Alec Baldwin’s niece) and their differences in income, which turned into a conversation about [prenuptial agreements]. I remember you saying that Rick drafted one for you.

Danny:Yep, uh, technically it was a postnup, I was already married.

Mary Beth:So it was for Amy, right?


Mary Beth: “But you ended up not using it?

Danny:Remember about all the favors I told you I owe Rick Jones?

Mary Beth: “Yes.”

Danny: Well that’s like three of them right there. So you have a friend that has a particular skill, it would almost be weird to not call Rick Jones to give me guidance, or to tell me the right person to call. I call Rick Jones if I have problems with recipes. ‘No, more salt,’ whatever it is, Rick Jones usually knows the answers is what I’m trying to say.

Mary Beth:Actually that’s true, I go to him all the time for non-law stuff.

Danny: I saw him two times on the radio do this: [Danny attempts to sound like Rick] ‘You know it’s so weird, I’m pretty sure I don’t have an answer for you on that,’ and I’ve gone to move on–he’s my friend, it’s good radio, I’ll move on–and then he goes, ‘But let me say this…’ and then answers the question for the next six minutes, which was exactly the answer they were looking for and/or needed.

“This is not from a friend, a client, or anything else, it’s just my factual experience with Rick Jones because he almost always–and I say ‘almost’ just so I don’t sound crazy–but he almost always has the answer.

“If you’re going to call me, or you’re going to go to court, or if you’re just going to ponder something, and you get the luxury of asking Rick Jones, you’re probably going to get the right information.”

Mary Beth: “When you got the postnup, it wasn’t that you desperately wanted one for personal reasons?”

Danny: “No, I really desperately wanted it.”

Mary Beth:Oh you did.

Danny:Yeah, I really did. I didn’t have a prenup [in previous marriage], but I didn’t really have anything for the last wife, I got it all during the marriage. But I didn’t get one and that mistake cost me at least one of the $3,000,000 it cost me.  

“I didn’t want to do it, Amy and I were having a lovely time. But I had said so many times, ‘You‘re a fool, if you’re the one with the money, get a prenup, that’s silly [not to get one].’ And if somebody says, “I think it ruins all the things about marriage,’ they’re lying in my opinion, they do care, they care a lot about the money.

“So I said, ‘You know, I’m doing okay and I’ve recovered somewhat from the divorce.’ I asked her, ‘Would you get a postnup? I’m not sleeping that well over this, I’m fresh from my last divorce.’ And she said, ‘Yeah.’

“By the time Rick was done writing it for me, the fact that she said. ‘Yeah, of course I’ll sign one,’ made me think, ‘Oh well, don’t bother.’ And hopefully that will be the case. Besides, she’s 25 years younger than I am, she’s going to get all the money eventually anyway. I’m going to die no matter what you’d heard.”

Mary Beth:So you’re secretly an optimist masquerading as a pessimist?

Danny: “Yeah, I think so. I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said, ‘Be a pessimist, then if things work out you’ll be pleasantly surprised.’ And that’s kinda what I go with. I learned all my history from Bewitched. Or an episode of Bewitched. And I was on it!”

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.George Will (not Ben Franklin)

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