Full Episode: Restraining Orders, CPS, Common Law & Divorce

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On the first Wednesday of every month, our founding partner Rick Jones stops by The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show on KZOK to chat about divorce, child custody and support.
Show From April 2018.

1:06 “My friend was just divorced, both his daughter an ex wife have restraining orders against him. He wasn’t allowed photos of them either, for fear it would trigger hostility. Is it normal to keep photos away from him?” Spoiler alert: No. it’s not normal.

3:18 – A texted question: “Can my ex wife get my social security if she’s been remarried twice?”

4:36 – “My girlfriend’s ex isn’t paying his fair share, how can we fight back if we can’t afford an attorney?”

6:55 – “Does my ex-wife have any right to my pension even though we were divorced 17 years ago?”

8:03 – “I cannot get my husband to sign a will. What would happen if he dies before me?”

9:44 – “My soon to be wife wants me to sign a prenup so I don’t have ownership rights to her business ventures. What will happen?”

12:36 – “My current wife developed a spiritual connection with a homeless man with mental illness a year and a half ago. I recently found out he plead insanity to keep from being jailed for a crime as he is a paranoid schizophrenic.  A week after I moved out of the house, that man moved into my home where my 8 & 10 year old daughters live.  My wife won’t give the mans last name, and she won’t file for divorce. I want to know how I can get custody of my kids to keep them safe.”

15:15 – “My daughter was divorced several years ago, and received below standard child support.  She went to an attorney to rectify the situation.  My daughters ex always has an excuse not to show up to meetings as requested by my attorney though so what do I do?

16:35 – “Is there such a thing as common law in Washington?”

18:18 – “I got married out of state, and didn’t send in the paperwork to my home state of Washington and was told I might not be technically married.  We’ve been together for 18 years, so what would happen if we got a ‘divorce’?”

21:00 – “I was married for 8 months. I’m fostering my grandson. Last year CPS (child protective services) took him from me after my wife and I fought about her texting other men. She harmed herself, took too many pills and was driven away in an ambulance.  CPS said that if she moved out and we divorced I could have him back. What do I do to get the process started?”

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