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This week, we at Goldberg Jones turn the bright light of the Attorney Spotlight of Excellence on David Kalisek of our Seattle office. David actually began life in Nebraska, a state notable for giving the world such personalities as Malcolm X, Dick Cheney, President Gerald Ford, Warren Buffett and Larry the Cable Guy.

Johnny Carson wasn’t born there but he grew up there and the experience helped him to become one of the most beloved entertainers of all time. That’s a pretty diverse list of notable talent covering politics, business, civil rights, entertainment and now, with Mr. Kalisek, the law. We hear that they grow some decent corn there as well. He grew up in the town of Gretna which boasted a booming population of 3,500 people.

As a young corn husker, David was very involved in speech and drama. Considering all the lawyers who used to write letters to Harry Hamlin when he played Michael Kuzak on LA Law telling him that they modeled their closing arguments after some of his performances, an interest in drama is very apropos for a future attorney.

The importance of speech in a law career is a no-brainer. David is a fan of the movie “Thank You for Smoking” which celebrates the effective use of speech and communication with extremely entertaining results.

David also has a love of history and considered pursuing a career as a history professor before opting for a legal career. When asked what led him to family law, David stated, “I Believe that family law provides attorneys with an opportunity to guide and assist individuals through the most difficult time in their life.

Perhaps more than any other area of the law, attorneys in family law are presented with an opportunity to truly impact their client’s lives due to the manner in which they represent the client and interact with the opposing party and counsel.”

He began his law career in Nebraska and early on was hired by the Nebraska Department of Travel and Tourism to play golf at Nebraska’s many golf courses and write articles about each course to promote tourism. Our question is, does Washington have a similar position or is this just a Nebraska thing? We like to golf and write too! Where do we sign up?!!

An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Kalisek had a lifelong dream of living in close proximity to the mountains. If you’ve ever been to Nebraska, you know that though Kansas gets most of the press for being a flat place, NB is a solid contender for the “flattest state” title.

Thanks to his yearning for more geographic diversity, Goldberg Jones had the privilege of hiring David when he fulfilled his dream and moved to WA. The move has been great for David as well. After a long week of defending his client’s interests, he spends his weekends fly fishing, snowboarding, hiking and hunting. His favorite vacation spot is a secluded cabin by Olympic National Park.

Some other favorite activities include reading and listening to the music of the Zac Brown Band. So what does an avid outdoor enthusiast like to read about? The outdoors, of course! He also enjoys reading historical biographies and former president and noted outdoorsman Theodore Roosevelt is a favorite subject.

As previously mentioned, David dables a bit in writing and he recently completed a two year genealogical project which he then provided to his family to help them better know and understand their roots and heritage. In addition, he researched and wrote an illustrated article about a member of his family’s friendship with famous outlaw, Billy the Kid.

David is just a good guy and is well liked and respected by his colleagues. He participates in leadership roles with various Multiple Sclerosis organizations and societies.

Founding partner Rick Jones said of him, “David is a great attorney to have on YOUR side. He is thorough in his communications with clients to make sure he understands the client goals and describes the steps and strategy to attain them. He is always moving his client’s cases toward a positive resolution.”

He is an extremely well rounded person and even has musical talent in addition to everything else. We’re hoping to hear him share his piano and harmonica playing skills at a future company get together. He really is a pleasure to work alongside with and you would be hard pressed to find an attorney more dedicated to his clients.

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