Is terminating parental rights an option?

Giving up parental rights

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Is terminating parental rights an option?

Rick Jones is back in the studio and on air with Danny Bonaduce for Life Coach. In this segment, Rick fielded a question from a caller about terminating parental rights and the implications this could have on paying child support.
The caller inquired about her husband’s situation with a child from a previous marriage. The child from his first marriage is currently living with her grandmother. The grandmother has parental rights and has refused visitation for almost 5 years; during which time the father has continued to make child support payments. Due to the extended amount of time without contact, the caller wants to know if they (her husband) can give up parental rights and if will it allow them to stop making child support payments.

Rick begins by providing advice on how to pursue regaining contact with the daughter and the legal options for enforcing the ordered parenting plan. If the father establishes that the grandmother has continued to deny him visitation with his daughter, he can then bring a contempt action against her.  If the grandmother still denies the father visitation and a pattern of contempt exists (or if the father becomes an active and embedded part of the child’s life) then he might be able to seek custody in the future.

“Giving up parental rights won’t enable the father to get out of paying child support”

After Rick’s explanation of how the father can regain contact and involvement with child, the caller inquires about the choice to terminate parental rights. Rick shares that by not enforcing the ordered parenting plan the father is in essence giving up parental rights. He goes on to address that giving up parental rights won’t enable the father to get out of paying child support. The cost and the father’s financial obligation to the child will exist regardless of relinquishing parental rights.

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