ex got cancer as soon as we decided to file divorce

Wife Suddenly Diagnosed with Cancer

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Our founding partner Rick Jones was on the radio last week. He is a regular on a local station here in Seattle – KISW 99.9. He loves getting on the show because it gives him a chance to give advice to the public and talk about the kind of work he does everyday.

The topic of the day last week was a sad situation for both the people involved. A dad wrote in to talk about divorcing his wife. They have had many years of problems, and had been talking about getting a divorce for a while; however,  she was recently diagnosed with cancer. Now his dilemma is what can he do? Should he stick it out? How could it effect his custody with his children in the future?

Callers weighed in to talk about the moral issues involved.

  • Some said the father needs to take responsibility and take care of his wife.
  • Indeed, one caller poignantly said he should be prepared to have his kids hate him for the rest of his life.
  • Other callers said divorce was better for everyone involved. A divorce would make it so the wife wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of living with a man she couldn’t stand.
  • Plus, it would be easier on the kid because he wouldn’t have to grow up with fighting parents and a sick mother.

Towards the end the show, Rick got on to talk about the tricky legal issues involved. Here is the audio:

The cool thing about Rick’s answer is that he is honest about the way the court is going to look at this guy. While the court’s ultimate question should be what is in the best interest of the child, it won’t view the father in a vacuum. What would you do?

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