Can My Ex Relocate w/ My Daughter?

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During Tuesday’s appearance on Danny Bonaduce’s Life Coach, Rick answered questions from callers regarding divorce and custody issues in Seattle. One call in particular stood out. It highlighted the importance of developing and negotiating a comprehensive parenting plan from the onset of filing your divorce in Seattle. Here is what the caller had to say:

“My ex and I have been separated for about 6 years. She just returned from a vacation in Norway with our daughter. Now she is talking about packing up and moving to Norway, with my daughter.  I want to know what my options are. I am fully involved my kid’s life. “

Without hesitation, Rick asked if the caller has a parenting plan in place. Unfortunately he does not. Given the caller’s circumstances Rick explained the vital necessity of parenting plans. Creating a parenting plan after the divorce will have several benefits:

  •  It will stop his ex from moving in the short term. Filing a parenting plan will create a pending action in Washington State. His ex won’t be able to move until after the court has addressed the action.
  • Creating the parenting plan will create leverage. With the parenting plan in place, the father will be able to negotiate the terms of his ex moving and potentially keep his daughter stateside.
  • Relocation Act. Having a parenting plan ensures that if his ex wants to move in the future that she will have to provide notice, opportunity, and the issue can be heard in court —even if his ex is the primary parent.

A parenting plan provides the foundation for how you and your ex will share custody and parenting responsibilities. It will outline expectations, time allotments and will guide how custody is divided. It is an essential document that will protect your rights as a father, even if your ex wants to relocate.

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