Will Courts Separate Siblings?

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It’s traumatic and painful when a couple breaks up, but when they’re parents, it’s often downright devastating for the kids. Divorce throws a child’s world in upheaval, and almost every aspect of their lives shifts with one fell swoop. The end of a marriage often comes with a move, a …

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Can My Ex Relocate w/ the Kids?

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In most situations, divorce represents a titanic life change, one with lasting repercussions. A traumatic experience, after ending a marriage, many people want to get as far away as possible. If it’s just you, that’s simple enough. But when there are kids involved, it complicates matters. An issue that often …

Can Non-Biological Parents Win Custody?

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When you think of a family, your mind probably conjures up images of a mother, a father, a couple of kids, and that sort of thing. But families come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. With a divorce rate estimated to be between 40% and 50%, and a rising remarriage …

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Can Fathers Win Custody In Washington?

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Whether it’s right or wrong, there is a public perception when it comes to divorce and child custody, that wives, mothers, and women always have the upper hand. Proponents of this stance throw around all manner of statistics and expert opinions on the topic. On a practical level, many men …