Will Courts Separate Siblings?

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It’s traumatic and painful when a couple breaks up, but when they’re parents, it’s often downright devastating for the kids. Divorce throws a child’s world in upheaval, and almost every aspect of their lives shifts with one fell swoop. The end of a marriage often comes with a move, a …

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Can My Ex Relocate w/ the Kids?

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In most situations, divorce represents a titanic life change, one with lasting repercussions. A traumatic experience, after ending a marriage, many people want to get as far away as possible. If it’s just you, that’s simple enough. But when there are kids involved, it complicates matters. An issue that often …

Can Non-Biological Parents Win Custody?

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When you think of a family, your mind probably conjures up images of a mother, a father, a couple of kids, and that sort of thing. But families come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. With a rising remarriage rate, new families rise from the ashes of the old. Can …

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Can Fathers Win Custody In Washington?

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Whether it’s right or wrong, there is a public perception when it comes to divorce and child custody, that wives, mothers, and women always have the upper hand. Proponents of this stance throw around all manner of statistics and expert opinions on the topic. On a practical level, many men …

Guardian Ad Litem: What You Need To Know

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As you already know, divorce is a tricky business. Emotions run high, tempers can flare, and the situation is further heightened when minor children are thrown into the mix. In custody cases, whether the parents are married or not, and where both sides have, perhaps, lost sight of the well-being …

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Establishing Paternity in Washington

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Establishing paternity in Washington State is very straightforward. If your spouse and you were married at the time the baby was born, unless evidence to the contrary is presented, you are considered to be the father. If you were not married but both parents fill out a “paternity acknowledgement affidavit”, …

How do I Protect My Rights?

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Losing custody and visitation can be a frightening prospect for fathers facing divorce and custody issues. Every case is unique, but there are some basic do’s and don’ts for protecting the priceless relationship between you and your child. Don’t move out Remaining in the home until a parenting plan has …

Cigarettes Can Affect Your Custody Case

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According to the Center for Disease Control and estimated 43.8 million Americans (19 % of adults over 18) smoke cigarettes.  This number indicates a declining trend in smoking, but illustrates that the practice is not uncommon. Those 43.8 million people may be at a disadvantage if they ever find themselves …

Holiday Custody

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Managing your custody holiday schedule Peace, joy and celebration are the hallmarks of the holiday season. The stretch between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be filled with happiness and goodwill. But for parents with shared custody, the holidays are often filled with copious amounts of stress, disputes over visitation …

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5 Signs of Parental Alienation

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A Google search on Parental Alienation will quickly reveal the heated debate that has erupted around the proposed addition of Parental Alienation Syndrome to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health.  Both sides of the debate are hot under the collar to defend their stance, as is evident in …

Joint custody, what is it?

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Joint custody and other child custody terms If you are battling for sole or joint custody of children, you have probably heard numerous custody terms being used. There is a wide variety of custody arrangements that can be made and understanding those options is helpful in navigating the process of determining …

Paternal Grandparents

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Staying Connected The role of grandparents post divorce can be an important element in smoothing the transition into a new definition of family for children. While there is a wide range of involvement and roles grandparents can play, a positive relationship between grandchild and grandparent can provide support and stability …