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Goldberg Jones would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newest member of our Seattle team: Jayde Logan. Jayde is a wonderful addition to the firm and will be a valuable resource for husbands and fathers in the Puget Sound area.

A motivated, passionate family law practitioner, Jayde Logan is also a dedicated advocate for her clients and an important new asset to Goldberg Jones. Jayde has collected a wide range of experiences. Her passion for law stems from her desire to represent those without a platform to represent themselves.

Relentless and detail oriented, Jayde has shown time and time again her dedication to achieving justice for her clients. Adept at handling the needs of a case, no matter where it takes her, she strives for an optimal outcome for each of her clients.

No stranger to the courtroom, she approaches each situation with poise and professionalism. She also uses all available tools and strategies to accomplish the task at hand. Personable and empathetic, Jayde places the needs and goals of her clients at the forefront in divorce, child custody, and other family law cases.

Managing attorney Ken Alan says, “Jayde is a sharp litigator and truly understands that family law is about helping her people make it through a difficult time in the best possible situation. And her varied background makes her a huge asset to the Goldberg Jones team.”

Raised in Colorado, Jayde received her bachelor’s degree in English and philosophy from the University of Colorado. She later earned her Juris Doctor from New England Law in Boston. In addition to Colorado and the Northeast, Jayde has also lived in both Texas and San Diego before recently moving to the Pacific Northwest with her family.

When she’s not defending the rights of the husbands and fathers of Seattle, King County, and the surrounding areas, Jayde enjoys spending time with family and friends, experimenting with new recipes, watching sports, and indulging her fondness for exploring new places.

In conclusion, Jayde Logan’s experience and commitment make her an important addition to the Goldberg Jones family. Moving forward, she will be a valuable resource for her clients in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

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  1. Hi, My wife and I have lived outside of America since 2007. We were married in July 11, 2007 in Hawaii. Long story short we moved to we moved to Saudi Arabia and have been here over 6 years. We are both American (me – Washington State) (her – North Carolina). Obviously we are decided to get a divorce but have no clue what to do next, Ive spoken to the US consulate here but non of their lawyers are expats, and very few deal with divorce law so they aren’t helpful. I just need to get the simplest quickest process moving along so this phase of my life can move on.

    1. Post

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for reaching out. That’s a unique situation indeed. I passed your contact information along to our managing attorney, Ken Alan. He’ll get in touch shortly and give you an idea of what options you have.


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