Patrick Shearer

BA Political Science and French, University of Idaho
JD University of Idaho College of Law

divorce attorneyA skilled, experienced family law practitioner, Patrick Shearer is dedicated to fighting for his clients. He recognizes the importance of the decisions made during divorce and custody battles and uses every available tool to achieve an optimal result. He’s a valuable member of the Goldberg Jones team and an excellent resource to the husbands and fathers of the Seattle area.

Helping his clients navigate the legal process is what drew Patrick to this line of work.
He says, “Without competent counsel, men are often persuaded, rushed, or coerced into accepting offers that place them in places of a greater disadvantage than even what the law instructs.

Kind, attentive, and professional, Patrick has the skills and preparation to handle a case, no matter where it takes him. He has a keen eye for detail and keeps the best interests of those he represents at the forefront of his strategy at all times.

Patrick is driven, highly capable, and committed to getting the best possible outcome,” says managing attorney, Ken Alan. “He knows this is a tough time for husbands and fathers, but he puts them at ease and they immediately know they’re in great hands.

An Idaho native, when he’s not working to secure the rights of his clients, Patrick loves to travel the globe and spend time with family and friends. In the winter months, he’s often found with his fingers crossed, hoping for snow in the mountains.

Client Testimonials

My lawyer name is Patrick shear he works at Goldberg Jones Divorce for Men helped me and defended me in court to see my three children whom I did not see, more than 2 and a half years ago, he is a very calm person, someone to listen to the client, Patrick fights for his client, I thought I was not going to see my children anymore because of the lies my ex-wife had told in court. Today is the happiest day of my life thanks to this lawyer. I am happy today I will see my three children again thanks to Patrick shear. I recommend to everyone. If you want a very calm lawyer, a lawyer who listens to his client, a lawyer who does everything to win the case before the judge, ask for Patrick shear. he’s one of the best. Thanks again Patrick. I am very happy from the bottom of my heart.

– Mayciene

My time with Goldberg-Jones started just before the global pandemic, with your run of the mill vindictive, scornful women. With it being my first venture into divorce, Goldberg-Jones was there with the guidance and information to see the process through to the end.

The system does not favor men, this firm was clear from the start that they were there to protect me from the horrible damage that an unfair system can do for us. Against the advice of my counsel(Laura & Patrick) I spent over $40,000 to fight for my dog. I relayed to the firm how much this dog meant to me and going against their advice they still stood up for me, fought as hard as they could against the system.

In the end, the dog was not awarded to me. Having Goldberg-Jones in my corner during this stressful time allowed me peace of mind knowing what I could expect throughout the process. I may have not gotten my dog back, but they made sure I came out as clean as I could on the other side.

They say money can’t buy happiness, but those who say that have never paid for a divorce. My time with Goldberg-Jones was as good as you can expect throughout a divorce. It was a good experience that I never want to have again. If you are man and reading this review, go with Goldberg.

– Jakob

Patrick was my attorney and was very helpful and fast at taking my case especially during Covid times when other offices were closed or not accepting new clients . He walked me through the process and was honest and straight forward he battled hard and well for my case I know have a great relationship with my child. I definitely recommend this firm and I appreciate the whole staff.

– King J.

I hired Goldberg Jones to handle my divorce and I have to say while I thought it was going to be a horrible process, the team did a remarkable job for me. They were very professional, responsive, available, and honest throughout the entire process. Even after everything was final, they STILL continue to answer questions for me right away regarding little odds and ends that come up with parenting plans, child support, and pretty much anything else that comes up.

– Steve

Patrick Scherer helped me and my fiancé get custody back of his daughter and he was very professional and went through the process and let us know our outcomes and was realistically down to earth with his answers.

We went from having no custody to taking the first step of getting her back and he walked us to the process very smoothly. 5 stars definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who asks us for a family law attorney thanks again Patric and everyone at goldberg jones!!

– Clifford and Heather

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