Mitchell A. Polonsky

Seattle University, BA Criminal Justice
Thomas M. Cooley Law School, JD

divorce attorney for menA compassionate, enthusiastic divorce attorney, Mitchell A. Polonsky is dedicated to guiding his clients through the complicated legal process. A committed advocate, he is an important resource for the husbands and fathers of the Seattle area.

Talking about Mitchell, managing attorney, Ken Alan, says, “Mitchell is a sharp, thorough attorney with excellent people skills. He recognizes this is a difficult time for his clients and gives them the confidence and reassurance they need to make it through.”

Mitchell gravitated toward family law to help everyday people contend with everyday problems, steering them through what is often an emotional, challenging time. Attentive, personable, and professional, Mitchell has a keen legal eye and always puts the best interests of those he represents at the forefront of his strategy.

Mitchell attended Seattle University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He followed this accomplishment by earning his Juris Doctor from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School at Western Michigan University.

Committed to those he represents, Mitchell Polonsky takes a strong stance for the husbands and fathers of the Puget Sound area in divorce, child custody, and other family law cases.

When he’s not working, Mitchell is an avid Seattle sports fan. He’s already eagerly anticipating the inaugural season of the Kraken, the city’s new NHL franchise.

Client Testimonials

Mitchell Polonsky helped me resolve a difficult modified parenting plan with my ex husband. He was professional, always available to answer any questions I had, he heard my wants/needs and communicated them to the other party without hesitation.

He gave me advice but still respected my wishes, and took a lot of stress off of me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Mitchell as an attorney, he definitely works for his clients to get them the best results for their family.   – Ali O.

Great firm, I worked with Mitch who was on top of my case and got the results I wanted. Definitely recommend this firm and Mitch himself to take care of anyone’s divorce situation.

-Emmanuel S.

Let me 1st start out by saying, if you are reading reviews and having a terrible time deciding who is going to help you at one of the worst times in your life. Just stop reading and call. From start to finish, there is no doubt I would hire them back in a heartbeat.

From working with Ken, getting questions answered at no cost, when it became apparent my then-wife had hired a lawyer (even though she had pinky promised me she wouldn’t) I had called Ken and I was in a bad place I had just been served papers at my place of employment, he told me not to worry and he had someone to help me out. That is when I received an email and a follow-up phone call from my new Lawyer Mitchell Polonsky within that same day.

After asking me some basic questions about myself and the situation, he was able to put my mind at ease. My wife hired the lawyer with a reputation for blood. Mitch made it clear it didn’t matter who she had hired. He was going to do everything in his power to make things as fair as possible while minimizing the cost on myself and the exposure to my children (by making it as clean and quick as possible).

My Ex wasn’t being fair, not dropping the kids off in the location agreed on, not letting me talk to them on the phone during a critical time in their lives, and threatening to withhold them. I informed Mitch and He got to work that same day. It was night and day difference once he emailed her lawyer.

That alone was worth the money, but there was still a divorce I had to finish up. Mitch was extremely responsive when it came to emails and phone calls. My Ex-wife and I would both have the same questions for our attorneys and most of the time it would take her lawyer a week to get back.

But not Mitch, it was always the same day and typically within hours. It got to the point where I was able to give the Ex an answer before her attorney would even open her emails. (Again; that alone was worth the money).

I understand every situation is different, but with Mitch on my side, I was able to get 50/50 custody of my 2 boys, pay No spousal support, and even kept her away from my retirement. As far as divorce goes I would consider it a win. Thank you, Mitch, for everything.  – Dan K.

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