Laura Fitzgibbon

BA Political Science and Philosophy, Gonzaga University
JD Seattle University School of Law

A competitive, dedicated attorney, Laura Fitzgibbon has an eye for detail and always champions her clients. She is a strong advocate, a fierce litigator, and a great asset to the husbands and fathers of the Seattle area.

Laura was drawn to family law by the idea of helping people achieve a fresh start. She believes that divorce can be a gift, a chance to begin a new, better, happier life.

Before migrating to family law, Laura worked as a prosecutor and other areas. Her experience and background give her a unique, well-rounded sense of the law. With the legal experience, advocacy skills, and passion that clients seek, she strives to achieve positive outcomes for those she represents.

Talking about Laura, managing attorney, Ken Alan says, “Laura’s sharp and personable, and she works tirelessly to meet and exceed the expectations of her clients. They know right away they’re in great hands.”

When she’s not fighting for the rights of her clients, Laura enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and swimming. She can often be found with her two dogs exploring the various wineries and breweries Washington has to offer.


I hired Goldberg Jones to handle my divorce and, I have to say while I thought it was going to be a horrible process, but the team did a remarkable job for me. They were very professional, responsive, available, and honest throughout the entire process.
Even after everything was final, they STILL continue to answer questions for me right away regarding little odds and ends that come up with parenting plans, child support, and pretty much anything else that comes up. Bravo.

-Steve R.

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