Goldberg Jones Hires Attorney Gregory Morphew

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Goldberg Jones would like to welcome the latest addition to our Seattle team: Gregory Morphew.

A dedicated, experienced attorney, Gregg stands committed to fighting for the rights of his clients. A strong advocate, he’s a valuable resource for husbands and fathers in the Seattle area. His addition also brings a great deal to the Goldberg Jones team in the Pacific Northwest.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Gregg worked in law enforcement and the security industry for more than 25 years. This provided him a unique perspective on legal matters, as well as the opportunity to develop excellent interpersonal communication skills and experience crafting important documents. He approaches each case in a professional, composed manner, using whatever tools available and necessary to get the job done.

Before making the shift to family law full time, Gregory Morphew also practiced in business and real estate law. In addition to plying his trade as a practicing attorney, he’s an enthusiastic, passionate educator. For years, he taught introductory and business law courses to the students at South Seattle College. He is also a member of the Washington, Oregon, and Alaska bar associations and all the federal courts within those three states.

Managing attorney Ken Alan says, “With his background in law enforcement, Gregg brings a well-rounded perspective to the firm. And his teaching experience just shows the true depth of his knowledge and understanding.”

Gregg has experience in all areas of litigation, from drafting and filing motions, to negotiating settlements, and inside the courtroom. Detail-oriented and thorough, he’s an enthusiastic, compassionate, personable litigator, he doggedly pursues an optimal outcome for his clients in all circumstances.

Approachable and dependable, Gregory Morphew’s experience and commitment make him an important piece of the Goldberg Jones team. Moving forward, he will continue to be a resource and advocate for the husbands and fathers of Seattle, King County, and the surrounding areas.

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