Evan Baer

B.A. History and Philosophy, Washington State University
J.D. Albany Law School

seattle divorce lawyer evan baerA skilled, dedicated legal practitioner, Evan Baer is committed to providing the best possible representation to the husbands and fathers of the Seattle area. A self-starter and powerful ally, he relishes the opportunity to solve problems and see cases through, from inception to resolution.

Prior to pivoting to family law, Evan worked extensively as a trial litigator. He has significant experience in civil matters, personal injury cases, estate planning, real estate, and more. This wide-ranging and varied background provides a unique insight into the legal process.

When asked what draws him to family law, Evan stresses the personal connection this area of the legal profession provides. It’s more than just a simple transaction.

Evan prides himself on building strong, trusting, lasting connections with those he represents. He says, “I want to build relationships with my clients, I am interested in people as individuals, respecting that every person’s story is unique to them. I would like to be a bright spot in a trying time.”

Evan received his bachelor’s degree from Washington State University, double majoring in history and philosophy. From there, he went on to earn his Juris Doctor at the Albany Law School in New York.

Outside of work, Evan can often be found exploring the great outdoors, whether that be kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, or golfing. A movie buff and avid reader, he can usually be found in the company of his dog, who has accompanied him on a decade plus of cross-country adventures.

Client Reviews

I’d heard about Goldberg Jones but only recently was able to get their help. At first, my wife was taking the lead, since I was out of town. Once I got back, I talked with Evan and he explained what our options were and most likely outcomes.

He made sure to keep both of us informed on everything and I’m sure the court proceedings would not have gone in my favor as they have recently, were it not for him. I greatly appreciate all the help he gave us and how informative he has been. Definitely recommend 10/10

– Anonymous

Evan went above and beyond in every way. He demonstrated true integrity and professionalism with the highest level of quality, compassion and respect. I was treated like person, and not just as a case. Evan did not leave a single stone unturned, and I will forever be beyond grateful for the magnificent service I was provided.

– Proper D

Me and my husband contacted Goldberg and Jones after a recommendation of one of my coworkers. Ken provided the initial consultation and gave us some options of different paths we could take. After deciding how we wanted to proceed, we where handed into Evans very capable hands.

Evan immediately set up a meeting to go over the very lacking parenting plan my husband had been given during his divorce and sent us a list of things needed to build our case (list of our wants and must haves, etc). Once all our documentation was in he immediately began filing and getting the ball rolling for us. Something we couldn’t figure out how to navigate on our own.

Evan has stood by us through the thick and thin, dealt with the craziest of things that could happen and remained calm and reassuring to us. Evan has been realistic of what to expect to happen so that our hopes aren’t crushed by unattainable expectations. By far the best attorney we could ask for.

– Kylee A.

After two different…law firms just played the game, I reached out to Goldberg Jones based on their stellar win performance in the divorce market place….[My] wife of 22 years wanted my stuff…[and] was very aggressive with truth troubles.

Evan Baer took my case, which was a storm brewing in the courts for over a year. I relaxed and Evan indicated, “Leave the Driving to Us/Me.” I did. The results were totally in my favor; considering, my…home was up for grabs. Evan promptly dispatched the aggressive opposition with case facts, logic, and an honest discourse before the judge. I now have equitable title and peace from an ordeal starting 2018. Thanks to Evan and Goldberg Jones.

– Otis

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